Graduate Creative Writing Tuition Rates

Tuition due dates

2023–2024 academic year*

Term Date
Fall term August 15 
J-Term/winter term January 2
Spring term

January 15

Summer term June 3

*These are the general due dates for the terms. Some classes may have different due dates based on the start time of the course. Students should refer to their statements for their individual due dates. 

2023–24 tuition

2023–24 programs Tuition rate
Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing (MFA) (per credit) $615
Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing for Children and Young Adults (MFAC) (per credit) $850

2023–2024 student fees

2023–24 graduate student fees Cost
Facilities fee (per credit)  $6
Technology fee (per credit) $12
Program administration fee (per credit)  $9
New student fee (one time) $200
Course fees (as required by instructor) Variable
International student fee (per year) $310
Water-Stone Review (optional) $20