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Cost of Attendance

Estimate your education costs

A Hamline education isn’t just a financial investment. It’s an investment in your future—one that will pay off on personal, academic, and professional levels.

So what do the costs of a Hamline education include? Your cost of attendance at Hamline is the total amount you can expect to pay during your enrollment here. This includes direct costs, which are paid directly to the university, as well as indirect costs related to your overall student and campus life.

We’ve estimated the cost of attendance by splitting it into the following categories:

  • Tuition (based on a nine-month academic school year)
  • Fees
  • Book rental
  • Room and board for on-campus students
  • Living allowance for off-campus students
  • Miscellaneous costs (personal, transportation, etc.)

Cost of attendance for undergraduate students

Get a breakdown of your full-time tuition and fees for the 2022–23 academic school year. These costs apply to first-year, on-campus transfer students, and international undergraduate students. Our easy-to-use Net Price Calculator will help estimate your financial aid package and final college costs.

Calculate Your Costs

Refer to the links in the table for more information about estimated costs. View tuition rates associated with full-time, part-time, and J-term/May term enrollment status, as well as housing rates and fees.

Type of expense Estimated cost
Tuition $45,540 per year
View tuition rates
New student fee $225
International student fee $330
Book rental $720
Other fees View fees
Room and board (on campus) $11,214
View room and meal plan rates
Living allowance (off campus) $5,607-$11,214
Health insurance (optional) $2,543
Miscellaneous (personal, transportation) $1,200

Cost of attendance for graduate and post-baccalaureate students

Tuition varies between the School of Education, School of Business, Creative Writing Programs, and Graduate Legal Programs. Use the table below to explore your costs.

Type of expense Estimated cost
Tuition (graduate) Varies by program
View tuition rates
Tuition (post-baccalaureate) $750 per credit
View tuition rates
Books $600-$1,000
Room and board (on campus) $11,214+
View room and meal plan rates
Living allowance (off campus)  $1,536-$16,384

Are you an online bachelor's degree student?

If you’re interested or currently enrolled in our Online Bachelor’s Degree Completion program, please refer to the pages below for specific information about financial aid and tuition rates.

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