Business Analytics Certificates

School of Business

Understanding the basics of business analytics is crucial to the success of today's leaders in all business sectors. Hamline’s business analytics certificates provide you with the expertise you need to lead business analysts and afford you the ability to be a technical analyst for your organization.

Frequently asked questions

Are courses offered online or on campus?

With Hamline's hybrid format, you get the benefits of online courses and in-person learning.

For the business analytics for managers certificate:  One course is offered at the same time weekday from 5:45-9:45 p.m., while the other two courses are online. Each online course has one session that takes place on-campus, either on a Friday from 2 p.m.-6:30 p.m. or Saturday 9 a.m.-3 p.m. in the middle of the eight-week course.

For the data analytics certificate: Courses are held online, with one session occurring on-campus in the middle of the eight-week course. This in-person session will be held either on a Friday from 2 p.m.-6:30 p.m. or Saturday from 9 a.m.-3 p.m.

When can I start this certificate?

Business analytics for managers certificate: You can apply and begin in spring or summer.

Data analytics certificate: You can apply and begin in spring or fall.
What is the typical time to complete this certificate? You can finish in as few as six to nine months.
How many credits is this certificate? 12 credits (3 courses)
How much does it cost? Certificate tuition is charged per credit. Please see the School of Business tuition page for details.

Business analytics for managers certificate

Use data to drive your decisions. Organizations are now often relying on big data to steer the direction of their business. But, they still need leaders who can translate that data into decisions. With Hamline’s certificate in business analytics for managers, you can acquire the expertise to step into that role:

  • Learn to analyze data and apply the results in a way that garners the widest margins for your organization
  • Study best practices for directing others in analysis
  • Become the liaison between IT and upper management, and play a crucial role in your company’s future

Data analytics certificate

Translate data into insights and decisions. Businesses run on analytics, and they're looking for professionals who can understand, translate, and develop insights using data. The demand for analysts is greater now than ever and that demand is only expected to increase, so take advantage of a growing job market and propel your career in new and exciting directions.

Hamline’s certificate in data analytics is designed for a hands-on, technical audience who wants to excel in analytics and be a part of organizational change by interpreting the results for senior leaders and enabling fact-based decisions.

You can apply your certificate toward a master’s degree

Enrolling in a certificate program is a great way to experience what the master's programs at Hamline are like. With a business analytics certificate, you'll take classes in the master's program and earn credit that you can apply toward a Hamline master's degree in business administration, business analytics, management and leadership, or public administration.