Study Away and Study Abroad

Hamline students in Chiang Mai for Study Abroad

Take the lead and take an adventure with one of the many study away and study abroad programs from Hamline University’s Global Engagement Center. You'll expand your worldview and your resume while you make connections and build friendships abroad. While you're away, you can still fulfill important requirements like major classes or electives so you can stay on track for graduation and life beyond college.

You can study away or study abroad from Hamline on an international or domestic program for a semester, a year, a summer, spring break, or during J-Term. Whether you travel to Appalachia or the Arctic, the Gulf Coast or Guatemala, your program will help you embrace the opportunity to challenge your beliefs and values; learn about different worldviews; and encourage self-discovery as you step outside your own culture and perspectives.

Eligibility, policies, and handbook

The Global Engagement Center and Hamline University have a few policies that you'll need to follow in addition to your program's eligibility requirements. You can find those policies below, along with the Global Engagement Center student handbook (Google Doc), which is a comprehensive guide to everything from your search for a program to your return to Hamline's campus.

It is the responsibility of the student to inquire about and understand the policies of the program they wish to participate in before the application deadline. By submitting an application to study abroad, you attest to having read, understood and agree to the following terms regarding Hamline’s study abroad programs:

Global Engagement Center terms and conditions (Google Doc)

Global Engagement Center withdrawal policy (Google Doc)

Global Engagement Center cancellation policy (Google Doc)

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