Operational Change Management Certificate

Be the one to get it done

Change is inevitable. Make sure you’re ready to manage and implement changes in your organization.

With Hamline's Operational Change Management Certificate, you'll develop the skills to lead your team to deliver more while using less. Manage change by organizing work so that projects can be completed on time and within budget.

Operational Change Management Certificate

Are my courses online or on-campus? You choose the format. Courses are offered both online and on campus, and meet once a week from 5:45 p.m.–9:45 p.m. (in-person or online at this scheduled time).
When can I start this certificate? Winter/spring term (start in January) or summer (start in May)
What is the typical time to complete this certificate?  Two eight-week classes in two semesters
How many courses is the certificate? Two courses (see course details)
How much does the certificate cost? Earn your certificate with two courses (8 credits). Explore current tuition rates.

You can apply your certificate toward a master’s degree

Enrolling in a certificate program is a great way to experience what the master's programs at Hamline are like. With the Operational Change Management Certificate, you'll take classes in the master's program and earn credit that you can apply toward a Hamline master's degree in business administration, business analytics, management and leadership, or public administration.