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Online Bachelor’s Degree Completion Program Offerings

Finish your bachelor’s degree in business or psychology

The online bachelor’s degree completion program is a unique offering for transfer students hoping to finish their undergraduate education without having to live near campus. With a choice of three high-demand bachelor's degrees—business, education, and psychology—you'll be positioned for further career success.

All online bachelor’s students benefit from being held to the same standards as full-time undergraduate students. We’ll help you grow and develop your existing skills while building diverse competencies for career readiness based on our general education requirements or the Hamline Plan.

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Online bachelor’s degree requirements

All students are required to complete a minimum of 56 credits at Hamline, including at least 16 semester credits within their major. Each major has a set of required courses that must be satisfied either by taking courses through Hamline or transferring in qualifying courses.

Please refer to the tables below to see what coursework is required for the Bachelor of Arts in Business and the Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. (Note that your actual course plan will depend on the qualifying courses you transfer to Hamline.)

Hamline’s core curriculum

The Hamline Plan provides students with the skills employers expect of college graduates: critical thinking and research skills, collaborative problem-solving, cultural competency, effective communication, and strong work habits.

  • Required core courses (must be taken at Hamline): Transfer seminar, argumentation and advocacy, professional writing
  • Additional competencies: Writing, speaking, presentation, collaborative problem-solving, global citizenship, facility with diversity, study in four disciplinary areas: fine arts, humanities, natural sciences, social sciences
  • Transferring credits: If you’re unsure how your credits will transfer, you can fill out this form and we’ll evaluate your transcripts for you.

Majors and course requirements

You can select from three majors at Hamline as a student in the Online Bachelor’s Degree Completionprogram:

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Not sure about studying business administration or psychology online? Hamline offers a wide variety of areas of study to all on-campus undergraduate students. Find out if applying to Hamline as a traditional, on-campus transfer student is right for you.

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