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Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Earn a master's in business administration online, on campus, or hybrid

Hamline’s MBA program is driven by business fundamentals and global best practices. We emphasize the most sought-after skills in the industry today: Critical thinking, data-driven decision-making, and the ability to effectively work on—and lead—teams. Working with fellow professionals, you’ll learn from leaders in their fields and build a lifelong network.

Business professionals with a master’s degree earn a premium over those with a bachelor’s degree. In some areas, that premium is nearly 90% higher.

At Hamline, you can focus your MBA in several in-demand areas:

  • Business analytics
  • Leadership and change management
  • Customized concentration area

Propel your career forward with our flexible MBA program online, hybrid, or on-campus

Can I attend part-time? 

Hamline's MBA is designed for working professionals who want to balance work, life, and school.

You’ll build your network and get the best of both theory and hands-on learning as you immerse yourself in one course at a time for eight weeks. 

When can I start? 

You can apply and begin the program any term, including summer term.

How long will it take? 

You decide your pace and can graduate in as few as 24 months by taking just 12 courses.

Are courses available online and on-campus? 

With Hamline's MBA you get to choose when you want to take a class online and when you'd like to take a course on-campus. You have the option of getting your MBA fully online or fully in person. Your online courses are offered synchronously online on weekdays from 5:45-9:45 p.m. Some courses may be hybrid, depending on your concentration. 

How many credits and courses is the MBA? You can complete Hamline's MBA with just 12 courses (48 credits). 
How much will it cost?

Your total cost is calculated by both the tuition rate per credit (48 credits total) and your financial aid.

65% of MBA students receive Hamline scholarships or discounts. Other financial aid is also available, and most graduate students use low-interest loans as a valuable way to pay for tuition and other living expenses. 

For more information on the current tuition rate per credit, see the School of Business tuition page

What scholarships and discounts are available? Several scholarships and discounts are available to MBA students. See our MBA Scholarships page for more detailed information.

Getting this MBA absolutely revolutionized my career. I cannot say enough good things. It took me from feeling almost a little trapped to feeling absolutely limitless. The moment I completed the program and added MBA after my name, so many doors flew open for me."

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Customize your master's in business administration with concentration options

With Hamline's MBA, you will be ready to adapt to shifts in the current as well as the future marketplace. You can also customize your MBA to fit your career goals with one of three concentrations or you can design your own concentration.

You'll get the advanced leadership, critical thinking, problem-solving, and business skills you need in just 12 courses.

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Business analytics concentration

Businesses need leaders who can make data-driven decisions. With a concentration in business analytics, you’ll gain the knowledge of statistics and data collection needed to make these decisions, as well as the communication and visualization skills to advocate for data-informed business practices.

Leadership and change management concentration

The ability to lead organizations through times of change is a highly sought-after skill set. With Hamline’s leadership and change concentration, you’ll develop your own negotiation, conflict management, and project management skills while learning how to enhance the performance of others and facilitate constructive engagement leading to sustainable change.

Customized concentration

This option is for students who are motivated to study a topic relevant to their degree program in depth. Customized concentrations require 12 credits of graduate elective coursework and may be comprised of graduate courses at Hamline University and approved transfer courses. Sample concentration options might include marketing, finance, or business communications. Students who want to pursue this option should contact the School of Business graduate programs director for an application form.

We’re here to help you with career planning

You don’t have to navigate your career on your own. Beginning with orientation, our career advisor will guide you in developing your own individual career plan that will best meet your professional goals.

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