Professor talking with a high school student

Doctorate in Education (EdD)

Hamline’s EdD program is designed for working professionals from a variety of sectors, from K-12 and higher education to public and private educational organizations. With a convenient online format with weekend residencies, Hamline’s EdD program will challenge you to grow personally and professionally among a community of learners and in a responsive learning climate that capitalizes on the skills and expertise of its faculty and students.

With Hamline's EdD program, you will:

  • Engage your active learning skills through deep immersion in collaboration, synthesis, and research.
  • Build upon and develop your ability to understand and respond to the educational challenges of today.
  • Expand your skills as a researcher through exposure to a range of research methods.
  • Reflect upon, refine, and articulate your educator-self to develop a carefully examined education worldview.
  • Explore how to become an agent of change on issues of social justice and equity in education.

The professors’ genuine care for all of us in the learning community stood out to me. Their high expectations, mentorship, and acknowledgement of our varied backgrounds created an environment where everyone could achieve their maximum potential."

Hamline Alumn José Becerra-Cárdena

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Hamline’s EdD was a perfect fit for my career. The program supported me as I balanced my doctoral studies, family life, and full-time work in the Early Childhood Education program. I was even able to perform international research for my dissertation!"

Fadila Adam Hamline Alumn Doctorate in Education