President Fayneese Miller standing in front of a window with Old Main in the background

University Leadership

President and leadership

Since its founding in 1854, Hamline University's leaders have empowered students to make the world better for everyone. It is with this continued vision and resolve that Hamline's leaders continue to shape Hamline to be an institution of regional and national consequence.

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Office of the President

President Fayneese Miller leads Hamline University’s mission to provide an education that inspires our students to become transformative forces in their careers, communities, and the world, while fostering a campus culture that welcomes difference and drives accomplishment.

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University leadership team

Under the direction of the president, the Hamline University leadership team sustains and promotes the academic excellence and fiduciary health of the institution, carrying out the policies set by the Board of Trustees.

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Board of Trustees

Hamline’s trustees draw on their expertise in the fields of business, law, and education to shape the policies that guide the university’s growth, enhance its reputation, and ensure its standing as a destination of choice for academically engaged students.

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University-wide committees

Hamline’s university-wide committees play a pivotal role in shaping the future of the university, advising the president and leadership team.