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By earning an education certificate, you aren’t just supplementing your expertise—you’re nurturing the learning community of your classroom. Whether your focus is deepening your specialized knowledge or broadening your understanding of student needs, your ultimate outcome will be a classroom that improves the academic and social learning of all your students.

You’ll grow, too. Certificate programs offer the chance to explore a niche and the training to implement your knowledge daily. Investing in a certificate is the best way to immerse yourself in a subject, whether it’s your desired specialty area or a topic that just caught your interest. Plus, you can transfer the credits you earn toward a master’s degree.

We have options to meet all of your continuing education needs. If you aren't sure whether to enroll in a full certificate program, we also offer continuing education course opportunities.

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Graduate Education Certificate Programs

You can apply certificate credits toward a master's degree

Did you know you can apply your certificate credits toward one of several master’s degrees? Start with a certificate and you’ll complete most if not all of your elective requirements. 

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MA in Education
MA in Natural Science and Environmental Education
MA in Teaching English to Other Languages
MA in Literacy Education