• 29th annual Summer Literacy Institute July 15-18, 2019
  • Summer Literacy Institute: K–8/K–12

    Learning Together:  Listen, Reflect, Respond

    Join Hamline School of Education for the Summer Literacy Institute, where you'll learn alongside your peers and with award-winning and nationally recognized literacy educators. 

    Take advantage of more than 20 breakout sessions covering a variety of literacy education topics, connect with other education professionals, and lend your voice to the conversation.

    Institute Details

    Dates: July 15–18, 2019
    Times: 8:30a.m.–3:30 p.m.
                 (8:30–11:45 a.m. on July 18)
    Course: LANG7709 
    2019 Institute Rates: 

    • $545 regular rate

    • $150 two graduate credits (in addition to the conference rate)

    • $150 one-day rate(space is limited)

    Featured Presenters

    July 15: Colby Sharp (@colbysharp)

    Book Access is a Game Changer for All Readers

    Books matter. Books impact student achievement. Books make life better. Colby will highlight researched strategies for building successful school and classroom libraries. He will show the power of book ownership, the importance of cultural and social access to books, and meaningful family-community reading engagement. Colby and his staff at Parma Elementary are on a mission: increase book access for all of their students.

    July 16: Cornelius Minor (>@MisterMinor)

    Teaching the Kids in Front of You: School and Classroom Design for A Perpetually Dynamic World

    So much changes.  So fast. Reading is not what it used to.  Neither are the readers. We have so much experience teaching in the world that was, it can be hard to teach for the world that exists.  Especially when that existence is impacted by the minute-to-minute dynamism that our students display as they navigate a world defined by media, relationships, and social challenges.  Cornelius will lead you on an exploration of what it means to serve students powerfully when those students are so dynamic.

    July 17: Jennifer Serravallo (@Jennifer_Serravallo)

    Reading Conferences: Powerful Goal-Directed Instruction Using Skill Progressions

    Conferring, when done well, is where the magic happens. It's the heartbeat of the literacy block. Conferring is an opportunity for teachers to develop stronger relationships with students, honor and cherish where each is in their learning, and to nudge them along into deeper literacy work. In this session, you'll be encouraged to consider how different methods for conferring can match different purposes--to assess, set goals, coach readers along, introduce new strategies, and group for efficiency. Through video examples, discussion, and activities, you'll understand how to begin a conferring practice or refine one already in use. Serravallo will also help you to understand how to excel at one of the most challenging parts of conferring: on-the-spot decision making. You'll hear about how relying on a hierarchy of goals and skill progressions can help you to figure out what just-right strategies to teach students in a variety of situations.

    July 18: Lester Laminack (@laminack_lester

    Writers ARE Readers: Use Reading Structures and Strategies to Nurture More Powerful Writers

    To write well you must first be able to read deeply and understand author’s intent. In this workshop, Lester will show you that the key to successful writing is harnessing the power of close reading. You will learn how your students can transfer what they know about reading structures and strategies into practices that will hone their writing skills and help them become more focused writers.



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    The 2019 Summer Literacy Institute will be sponsored July 16 and 17 by the Minnesota Reading Association and the Twin Cities Area Reading Council.


    Since the first Summer Literacy Institute was held in 1991, the institute has featured more than 100 nationally renowned speakers who have led conversations on current topics and issues in literacy education. Want to know more? Here are highlights from the past 28 years.

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