Advanced Literacy Leadership Certificate

As a student in the Advanced Literacy Leadership Certificate, you’ll be encouraged to act as agents of change in your classroom, school, and community. You’ll enhance learning by using social and cultural backgrounds and the variety of ways individuals learn; challenging the notion of the expendability of children; and valuing children and youth inclusive of race, class, gender, exceptionality, home language, or other social, physical, or cultural characteristics. This certificate extends your learning as a literacy leader and equips you to carry these philosophies and skills into your work as a specialist, coach, coordinator, or supervisor.

With the Advanced Literacy Leadership Certificate, you will:

  • Gain a foundation in the theoretical and practical bases of effective literacy instruction, including critical and digital literacy.
  • Develop the expertise needed to enrich the literacy learning of diverse students across developmental levels, academic disciplines, and social and cultural contexts.
  • Become an advocate for literacy through a comprehensive understanding of literacy development, process, and instruction.


Advanced Literacy Leadership Certificate frequently asked questions

Are the certificate courses offered online or on campus? This certificate is offered mostly online. One course is offered in a hybrid format, and you’ll complete your practica in your workplace.
What term can I start with this certificate?

You can start in fall, spring, or summer terms

What is the typical time to complete this certificate? Two terms, approximately 7–8 months
How many credits and courses is this certificate? 10 credits and 4 courses
How much does it cost? Tuition is per credit. For more information on the cost the cost of tuition, see the School of Education and Leadership tuition page.

Apply your certificate toward a master’s degree

Enrolling in a certificate program is a great way to experience what the master's programs at Hamline are like. With the Advanced Literacy Leadership Certificate, you’ll earn credits that you can apply toward a Hamline master's degree in education or literacy education, or the doctorate in education.