Hamline happy students at Hamline during the fall blowing the leafs

Meet Our Students

Pipers tell their stories

Every student has found a way to make their time at Hamline unique. Whether they're discovering a new career path, making connections in a student organization, sharing a research project with the public, or more, every Piper has something to share with their community. Hear directly from them about what makes their Hamline education so exciting.

Asli Abdi a Hamline Student smilling to the picture

Creativity helped her step out of her comfort zone, into the spotlight

When Asli Abdi '25, studying communication studies, shared her poetry, she found her place on campus.

Kimia Kowsar Hamline Student smiling

Sharing a love of learning with all who need it

Kimia Kowsari '24, studying criminology and criminal justice, discovered her passions early in life, and they've chased them ever since.

Ashwin Kushwara headshot

Connecting a passion for nature to a fruitful career

It took transferring to Hamline for Ashwin Kushwara '22 to unlock the potential of combining his love of the outdoors with a legal career.

Hailey Belflower Hamline Transfer Student  holding a coffee at Hamline University

Transferring to Hamline helped her discover her passion for forensics

Just one visit changed everything for Hailey Belflower '22, a biology major.

Lauryn Magwaro Headshot

For this Piper, Hamline is a place to prosper

Lauryn Magwaro '23, biochemistry, knew she wanted a school that would take her knack for science to the next level. She found all that she wanted, and more, at Hamline.

Photo of Caleb Lueders, right, at Klas Field

Caleb Lueders '24 passes along a helping hand

Read about Hamline University student-athlete Caleb Lueders '24, who came to Minnesota as a first generation college student to study business administration.

Eva Larson Hamline Student smilling to the picture

Digging up history to share with the world

A summer archeology project helped Eva Larson '22, studying anthropology and criminal justice, connect her research with the Hamline community. 

Hamline student Tjessa Arradondo

Tjessa Arradondo is putting her own spin on a family talent for communications

With interviews, art, and a talent for words, Tjessa Arradondo '24 is taking her communication studies degree to the next level.

Dammy Williams headshot

Learning at home, leading overseas

Dammy Williams '23 takes every opportunity to build her business resume, from working with Hamline staff to mentorship and overseas travel.

Photo of applied physics student Josh Sedarski

Inspired by the universe, empowered by the STEM scholarship

When Josh Sedarski '24 learned he'd earned Hamline's STEM scholarship, pursuing his dream of physics at the school was a no-brainer.

Photo of student Emily Welch in Anderson Center

Emily Welch '24 has made mentorship a throughline in her life

Meet Emily Welch '24, a business administration major with a marketing concentration at Hamline whose passion for mentorship has followed her from high school to college.

Mien Lee

Mien Lee

Growing up in Da Nang, Vietnam, Mien Le '23 dreamed of the snow and cold that define Minnesota winters. At Hamline, she found more than icicles–she discovered her passion for film and media.

Headshot of Alec Ralph Hamline student

Overcoming obstacles with connections

From the South to the Midwest, Alec Ralph '24 has his eye on the prize.

Annika Roes

Annika Roe

A communications degree took Annika Roe '22 from a hesitant public speaker to a persuasive presence in the classroom, and in her career.