Adult ESL Certificate

Professionals who want to serve adult English-language learners are in high demand. Let Hamline's program prepare you to make sound decisions in course design and classroom practice in a wide variety of settings:

  • Adult basic education programs
  • Technical/vocational programs
  • College and university courses
  • Community-based or volunteer programs

Through a hands-on, practitioner-based approach, this certificate supports individuals in acquiring the knowledge and practical skills to teach English as a second language to adults from linguistically and culturally diverse populations.

Adult English as a Second Language Certificate program overview

Are my courses online or on-campus? Online
When can I start this certificate? The first introductory course is typically offered in one to two terms per year.
What is the typical time to complete this certificate? Nine to 12 months
How many credits do I have to take? Eight credits
How many courses is the certificate? Four courses. See course details.