Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Certificate

About one in 44 children is on the autism spectrum. Whether you are a mainstream classroom teacher, parent, or other education or community professional who works with individuals identified on the autism spectrum, Hamline’s certificate will help you gain the skills and enhance your knowledge to better serve your students, children, or clients.

With Hamline's Autism Spectrum Disorder Certificate, you will:

  • Gain the expertise to engage ASD learners in school, clinic, community, and home settings
  • Learn from experienced and well-respected specialists in the field
  • Develop research-based strategies to help individuals of any age that are on the autism spectrum become independent
  • Experience the convenience, community, and connection of a fully-online program

Autism Spectrum Disorder Certificate frequently asked questions

Are my courses online or on campus? Courses are offered fully online with some courses meeting synchronously online (at a set time) from 5:30–9 p.m.
When can I start this certificate? Fall, spring, and summer terms
What is the typical time to complete this certificate? Nine to twelve months
How many credits do I have to take? 12 credits (10 required and two electives)
How many courses is the certificate? Five courses. See course details.
How much does it cost? Your cost is calculated by the number of credits you take. For more information on the cost of tuition, see the School of Education and Leadership tuition page.

You can apply your certificate toward a master’s degree

Enrolling in a certificate program is a great way to experience what the master's programs at Hamline are like and take care of your electives. With the Autism Spectrum Disorder Certificate, you'll take earn credits that you can apply toward a Hamline master's degree in education, or master’s in teaching (initial licensure), or an additional license in special education - ASD.