• Hamline School of Education and Leadership Faculty

  • Letitia Basford
    Letitia Basford

    Professor - Education; CTL Faculty Director

    Michelle Benegas small
    Michelle Benegas

    Associate Professor - Education

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    Patty Born Selly

    Assistant Professor

    jennifer carlson 2
    Jennifer Carlson

    Professor - Education

    Suzanne new 1
    Suzanne Gikas

    Visiting Faculty

    kimberly hartung 2
    Kimberly Hartung

    Associate Professor - Education

    trish harvey 2
    Trish Harvey

    Associate Professor - Education

    sarah hick 2
    Sarah Hick

    Associate Professor

    joe lewis 2
    Joe Lewis

    Associate Professor; Administrative Head

    karen moroz 2
    Karen Moroz

    Associate Professor and Chair of ADAL Department

    rebecca neal
    Rebecca Neal

    Associate Professor - Education

    betsy parrish 2
    Betsy Parrish


    julia reimer 2
    Julia Reimer

    Associate Professor; Associate Chair

  • Patsy Egan

    ATLAS Program Director

    Marisa Geisler

    ATLAS Operations Manager

    Kristine Kelly

    ATLAS Literacy & English Language Arts Coordinator

    Lindsey Pust

    Contingent Worker

    Gail Rutan

    ATLAS Events Manager