• Managing Cybersecurity Risk Certificate

    Protect your organization from cybersecurity threats.

    Cybersecurity threats are now a fact of organizational life, yet many are ill-prepared to address and mitigate these dangers.

    Protect your organization from ever-evolving threats by learning the elements of a strong cybersecurity plan and how to conduct security assessments, as well as effective mitigation strategies and governing frameworks.

    Program overview


    Summer term (start in May) or fall (start in August).

    Time to complete: 
    16 weeks of class over two semesters

    2 courses


    • MBA 8017 Cybersecurity Part One Understanding the Cyber Landscape (4 credits, 8 weeks)

    • MBA 8018 Cybersecurity Part Two Introduction to Security Assessments and Digital Forensics (4 credits, 8 weeks)

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