Graduate Business Certificate Programs

Hamline's diverse certificate programs will strengthen your foundation of job skills and knowledge as you build expertise in specific areas. As employers seek professionals who are two steps ahead of an ever-changing workforce, your up-to-date expertise and flexible mindset will make you a strong candidate for whatever career you pursue.

Certificate programs are a great way to stay on the cutting-edge of your field, and they're a seamless introduction to our master’s programs if you choose to pursue a secondary degree.

Scholarships and discounts

Hamline offers the following scholarships and discounts for new students:

  • Service Scholarships are awarded to students who have served in AmeriCorps, the military, Peace Corps, and Teach for America, and amount to a 10% discount on tuition
  • Learning Partnership Discount of 10% off tuition if you are an eligible employee of one of our Learning Partners
  • Alumni of any Hamline University undergraduate or graduate degree programs are eligible for a discount of 10% off tuition

Hamline University and the School of Business offer several scholarship and discount opportunities to help with the cost of tuition. Scholarships and discounts cannot be combined. Applications for most scholarships and discounts must be submitted at the time of  application for admission.