• School of Business Certificate Programs

    Are you thinking about increasing your job skills and knowledge? Certificate programs are a great way to build expertise in specific areas as well as a great introduction to our master’s programs.

    Business Administration Certificates

    Business Finance Certificate
    Start in January, May, or August.
    Get a solid grounding in finance and gain the vocabulary, concepts, and introductory tools to understand the language, drivers, and metrics of the accounting and finance function of your organization.

    Find out more about the Business Finance Certificate.

    Collaborative Leadership Certificate
    Start January, May, or August.
    Learn how to successfully influence others, gain support for your initiatives, use better judgment, and develop more executive presence. With this program, you'll gain the skills and knowledge of a leader with decades of experience.

    Find out more about the Collaborative Leadership Certificate.

    Managing Cybersecurity Risk Certificate
    Start in January or August.
    Protect your organization from ever-evolving threats by learning the elements of a strong cybersecurity plan and how to conduct security assessments, as well as effective mitigation strategies and governing frameworks.

    Find out more about the Managing Cybersecurity Risk Certificate.

    Operational Change Management Certificate
    Start in January or May.
    Develop the skills to lead your organization in delivering more with less, to better manage the change that is constant by organizing the work to be done so that projects can be delivered on time and within budget.

    Find out more about the Operational Change Management Certificate.

    Strategies for Change Certificate
    Start in January or May.
    Gain a deeper understanding of what it means to develop and instill a more critical thinking and innovation culture in your organization. Better understand the dimensions of change and process in driving improvements. 

    Find out more about the Strategies for Change Certificate.

    Business Analytics Certificates

    Business Analytics for Managers Certificate
    Start in January, May, or September.
    Build a solid foundation in the modeling underlying big-data analytics, focusing on information governance and the ethical considerations of how we use data. Learn how to translate analysis, perform analysis on data supplied by others, and direct others in analysis.

    Find out more about the Business Analytics for Managers Certificate.

    Data Analytics Certificate
    Start in January, May, or September.
    Dive deep into the technical skills and techniques of analyzing data—including machine learning—and the practical application of these approaches to real business problems.

    Find out more about the Data Analytics Certificate.

    Nonprofit Management Certificates

    Nonprofit Executive Finance Certificate
    Start in September.

    Gain the skills necessary to be strategic in the fundraising and financial management of your organization. You will develop skills covering grant writing; events, foundation, and individual giving; and the creation and analysis of primary financial statements.

    Find out more about the Nonprofit Executive Finance Certificate.

    Nonprofit Program Measurement Certificate
    Start in January.

    This certificate will expose you to the principal methodologies of program evaluation, making use of a variety of data collection methods and analysis of data to solve problems, assist in decision-making, and improve your programs and organizations.

    Find out more about the Nonprofit Program Measurement Certificate.

    Public Administration Certificates

    Managing People in the Public Sector Certificate
    Start in fall or spring.
    Gain awareness of your own leadership capabilities through self-evaluation, then pair these findings with public sector-specific skills (like working with collective bargaining) to enact change within your organization and the greater public sphere, whether you lead five or 50 people.

    Find out more about the Managing People in the Public Sector Certificate.

    Public Policy and Decision Making Certificate
    Start in fall or spring.
    Earn a certificate where you’ll gain an understanding of the public policy process and frameworks for its assessment, as well as the analysis skills to make data-driven decisions and communicate findings to non-technical audiences.

    Find out more about the Public Policy and Decision Making Certificate.

    Public Sector Operations
    Start in fall or spring.
    Position yourself to take the lead in your organization with enhanced skills in fiscal management and policy implementation. Learn how you can play a role in managing tax dollars and developing budgets with skills you can immediately put to use in your day-to-day work, and expand your professional network to grow your career both now and in the future.

    Find out more about the Public Sector Operations Certificate.

    Center for Public Administration and Leadership Certificates
    For other continuing education and professional development, explore additional opportunities offered by our Center for Public Administration and Leadership.

    Scholarships and Discounts 

    Hamline offers the following scholarships and discounts for new students:

    • Service Scholarships are awarded to students who have served in AmeriCorps, the military, Peace Corps, and Teach for America, and amount to a 10% discount on tuition.
    • Learning Partnership Discount of 10% off tuition if you are an eligible employee of one of our Learning Partners.
    • Alumni of any Hamline University undergraduate or graduate degree programs are eligible for a discount of 10% off tuition.

    Note: Hamline University and the School of Business offer several scholarship and discount opportunities to help with the cost of tuition; scholarships and discounts cannot be combined. Most scholarships and discounts must be applied for with the application for admission.


    To apply for any of the certificate programs, please submit the following:

    • An online application (no fee for U.S. residents).
    • A résumé.
    • Official transcripts of all undergraduate work. Official transcript of a bachelor's degree must be from a regionally accredited college or university.

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