Skills-Based Minors

Add a stackable minor and improve your resume

No matter what your major is, adding a skill-based minor will set you apart when you graduate. A skill-based minor gives you an edge by introducing you to new ideas and developing skills potential employers are looking for. That extra line on your resume and your confidence during the interview will show employers that you are curious, interested in different perspectives, and can do things others can't.

Even if you haven’t declared a major, you can pursue a skills-based minor. It allows you to see if that area of study is right for you. Every skills-based minor is:

  • Just five courses
  • Designed to satisfy several Hamline Plan (general education) requirements
  • Able to be completed with any major
  • Interdisciplinary with courses across several areas of study

Designed to be done with any major

What makes Hamline’s skills-based minors different is that they are designed to be paired with any major. A skills-based minor will improve your talents and increase your skills to benefit you no matter your career.

There are many ways you can pair a minor with your major. Explore each minor for more ideas in addition to the examples below.