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Digital Storytelling Minor

Create works of digital storytelling to enhance any major

From philanthropy and education to research and international business, industries of all sectors increasingly rely on digital technology to communicate their goals, strengths, and needs. We've designed the digital storytelling minor to empower you with the technical and aesthetic tools you need to create compelling works of digital storytelling. Whether you study the sciences, humanities, business, art, or education, you'll learn how to translate your research, analysis, and creativity into a variety of digital media forms.

This skills-based set of courses will provide you with the ability to integrate proven literary arts practices with video and audio production tools. In addition to contemporary forms of digital storytelling, you may also study their precursors, such as cinema, radio, graphic novels, and more. When you complete this minor, you will have acquired the aesthetic and technical knowledge needed to create works of digital storytelling in your major field of study.

Enhance your major with valuable skills

With the digital storytelling minor, you'll add important skills to create digital media products, including:

  • Audio production
  • Graphic design
  • Product design
  • Sound design 
  • Video production

Digital storytelling platforms 

In addition to being able to translate your research and analysis into an academic paper or published article, you would also be able to communicate your knowledge and research via digital media channels:

  • Informational and promotional videos
  • Music videos
  • Podcasts
  • Social media 
  • Websites

Digital storytelling minor faculty

The digital storytelling minor is an interdisciplinary minor, which means that courses are taught by faculty across a number of departments. You’ll learn about other fields of study and work with faculty outside of your major, including faculty in the following areas:


Creative writing

Digital and studio art

English and Communication Studies

Performance, Production, and Community

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