Strategies for Change Managment Certificate

Drive a culture of innovation and change throughout your career. You'll learn how to shape your organization into a leader in your industry, able to adapt to any circumstances the world throws your way. The Strategies for Change Management Certificate will help you drive innovation and identify areas that can benefit from change for more effective operations, delivering more for your customers and stakeholders.

Gain a deeper understanding of the benefits of a critical thinking culture and see the rewards of adaptability as a way of life with our program.

Strategies for Change Management Certificate program overview

Are my courses online or on-campus? Online
When can I start this certificate? You can start in winter/spring term (begins in January) or summer (begins in May)
How many credits do I have to take? Eight credits from two courses
How many courses are in this certificate? Two courses

Certificate coursework

  • MBA 8215 Creativity and Innovation (4 credits, eight weeks)
  • MBA 8275 Business Process Improvement (4 credits, eight weeks)