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Pre-Health Professional Tracks

From medicine to nursing, the pre-health profession tracks at Hamline University will prepare you for a variety of postgraduate healthcare programs. Whether you plan to become a pharmacist or a physical therapist, we have the preparation you need to pursue your career.

Our hands-on courses will give you the academic credentials and field experience that health professional programs are looking for in their applicants. You'll develop a well-rounded skill set with the patient care experience and community service to help you examine different careers and discover what draws you to healthcare.

Hamline's biochemistry program put me on the right track for my medical career. I came into undergrad unsure of what path I wanted to take, but with guidance from my professors and countless hands-on learning experiences, I found my passion for medicine."

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Pre-health professional tracks at Hamline

When you pursue a pre-health profession track, you'll have access to a huge variety of academic programs that will prepare you for life after Hamline. In fact, you can choose any major you want—there are no required majors for health profession programs.

We work with you to choose a program based on your interests, and we'll advise you at each step so you receive the best preparation for your postgraduate studies and career. 

You can choose from the following pre-professional tracks:

My Hamline education and our alumni network helped me discover new passions outside my chemistry major. My first-year research experience with a Hamline graduate at Mayo Clinic sparked my interest in healthcare and prepared me for my pharmacy career."

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