Public Health Program

Pre-professional track

Public health focuses on improving the health and wellness of entire populations, rather than individuals. It's a broad field with many sub-disciplines, including health promotion and education, chronic and infectious disease prevention, health and wellness program development, health policy and advocacy, environmental and occupational health, food safety, behavioral and mental health sciences, and community and global health. With such a variety of fields and a heightened understanding of the importance of public health due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the opportunities for employment are endless.

Hamline's pre-public health program will prepare you with the foundation of knowledge you need to apply to graduate school and create a powerful beginning to your career. We make sure you get hands-on experience in the skills that will set you above the rest in the field, and our mentors and advisors will support your continued education with plans and suggestions tailored to your needs.

Prerequisite coursework

Unlike many graduate programs, public health graduate programs do not usually have a set list of prerequisites. However, it's important to connect with graduate admissions offices to learn about any prerequisites for the specific programs you're considering.

The most important thing graduate programs look for in their applicants tends to be relevant internship experience. We strongly recommend that students have at least one public health-related internship (which is required in the public health major at Hamline) completed before applying to a graduate program.

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