MBA Scholarships

Scholarship opportunities for Master of Business Administration students up to $10,000

Incoming students who have outstanding records of academic achievement or can demonstrate exceptional leadership accomplishments are eligible to receive scholarship awards up to $10,000.

Note: Students must apply for these scholarships when they apply for admission. Scholarships are granted upon admittance and dispersed equally across six terms of enrollment.

Students pursuing the dual degree program must apply for the MBA Academic Merit and Leadership Scholarship at the time of application. The amount awarded to the student is prorated and dispersed during the first five terms in which the student completes MBA courses.

Students pursuing the JD/MBA are not eligible for the Academic Merit and Leadership Scholarship.

Learning partnership discount

Learning Partner employees are eligible to receive a 10% discount on tuition, and a waiver of application and processing fees, when newly enrolling in the MBA. Students must apply for this discount when applying for admission.

To learn more if you qualify, see our list of learning partners and eligibility requirements.

Service scholarships

All MBA students who demonstrate service to AmeriCorps (including Minnesota Reading Corps and Math Corps), the military, or the Peace Corps, are eligible to receive a 10% discount. To apply, simply indicate your service as part of your admission application.

Alumni discount

Hamline alumni of undergraduate and master’s degree programs are eligible to receive a 10% tuition discount when they enroll in any School of Business master’s or doctoral program. Students must apply for this discount when applying for admission.

Note: Hamline University and the School of Business offer several scholarship and discount opportunities to help with the cost of tuition; scholarships and discounts cannot be combined.


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