Outside Scholarships for Undergraduate and Graduate Students

Grants and scholarships

Finding outside scholarships

The Office of Financial Aid has compiled the following list of outside scholarships to assist students in all programs. The list is updated regularly, so be sure to check back every couple of weeks to see if any new opportunities are available.


How it works

Email finaid@hamline.edu if you know you’re receiving an outside scholarship. Be sure to include the name of the scholarship and the amount you’ve been awarded.

Here’s how we disburse third-party or outside scholarships:

  • As funds arrive from scholarship foundations, we’ll disburse half for the fall term and a half for the spring term into your student account (unless otherwise specified by the scholarship agency)
  • In the case that a scholarship is co-payable to Hamline and the student, your funds will be credited after you endorse a check at the Cashier’s window

Recent scholarship opportunities

Please check back for updated information regarding scholarship postings. We are receiving updated opportunities and posting them on an ongoing basis. 

Scholarship links Description
2024–2025 Phillips Scholars Program Application

Scholarship for students who will be either a first or second year in spring of 2024. Must demonstrate financial need and aspire to address a significant need within a particular community. Recipients must be able to participate in all required training and events and complete a community engagement project in Minnesota during summer 2025.

Applications due: January 26, 2024
To apply: Please email finaid@hamline.edu for a copy of the application.

Funding opportunities for American Indian students

If you identify as an American Indian or an indigenous person of the United States, you may want to explore these additional scholarships. Many organizations welcome applications from both undergraduate and graduate students.

Scholarship links Eligible students
American Indian College Fund  Undergraduate and graduate
American Indian Education Foundation Undergraduate only
American Indian Education Foundation  Graduate only
American Indian Family Empowerment Program Fund  Undergraduate and graduate
American Indian Graduate Center Undergraduate and graduate
American Indian Science and Engineering Society  Undergraduate and graduate
Association on American Indian Affairs Undergraduate and graduate
Catching the Dream Undergraduate and graduate
Cobell Scholarship Program Undergraduate and graduate
Gates Millennium Scholarship Program Undergraduate and graduate
Indian Health Services Scholarship Undergraduate and graduate
National Indian Education Association  Undergraduate and graduate
Native American Education Grant Undergraduate and graduate
Truman Scholarships Undergraduate and graduate

Additional outside resources

  • PCs for People : Qualifying individuals may be able to receive a discounted computer.
  • Dean of Students Office: See a list of additional student services and resources.
  • BigFuture: A series of resources that help students and families make a plan to pay for college.