Outside Scholarships for Undergraduate and Graduate Students

Grants and scholarships

Finding outside scholarships

The Office of Financial Aid has compiled the following list of outside scholarships to assist students in all programs. The list is updated regularly, so be sure to check back every couple of weeks to see if any new opportunities are available.


How it works

Email finaid@hamline.edu if you know you’re receiving an outside scholarship. Be sure to include the name of the scholarship and the amount you’ve been offered.

Here’s how we disburse third-party or outside scholarships:

  • As funds arrive from scholarship foundations, we’ll disburse half for the fall term and a half for the spring term into your student account (unless otherwise specified by the scholarship agency)
  • In the case that a scholarship is co-payable to Hamline and the student, your funds will be credited after you endorse a check at the Cashier’s window