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Jae Lee
East Hall 209E

Jae Lee

Assistant Professor

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Jae Lee
East Hall 209E


Dr. Jae Lee is an assistant professor who joined the Marketing, Management, and Public Administration Department in August 2015. He teaches strategic management capstone courses to both undergraduate and MBA students. He received his Ph.D. from Texas Tech University and MBA from Brigham Young University. He also obtained M.A. in Political Science and B.A. in Communication both from Seoul National University in South Korea. His work has been published in various management journals including the Journal of Business Ethics and the Journal of Organizational Change Management, the Journal of Applied Management, and Entrepreneurship, and Journal of Spirituality, Management, and Religion.

Research Interests
Broadly, Dr. Lee takes a stakeholder approach to strategic management. He applies this approach to large corporations as well as entrepreneurial and family firms. He is specifically interested in four related areas: (i) stakeholder theory, (ii) corporate social responsibility/corporate citizenship, (iii) business ethics, and (iv) sustainable enterprise.

Teaching Interests
Dr. Lee’s teaching interests include strategic management, business and society, and international business. During his tenure as a PhD student at Texas Tech University, he taught multiple undergraduate courses including strategic management capstone, international business, and organization theory. At Hamline University, he teaches undergraduate and MBA strategic management capstone courses.

Teaching Style

Dr. Lee creates an interactive learning environment that encourages critical thinking. He provides activities and assignments that allow students to apply strategic management concepts, tools, and theories to real-world situations. In undergraduate strategic capstone courses, each student is expected to think, talk, and act like a manager who makes decisions as he or she undertakes various team projects including simulation games. In MBA strategic capstone courses, students work as a consulting team (four to five members) for real-world clients.

"I believe that adult students still possess the same learning need they had as kids; for learning to be fun. We are big kids after all, aren't we?"

- Jae Lee


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