• Certificate and Professional Development Offerings

    Hamline's certificate and professional development programs are designed for busy professionals eager to extend their knowledge and skills and further develop their professional networks.


    Certified Public Manager
    Develop exceptional management capabilities with our development program designed specifically for federal, state, and local government and nonprofit sector managers and supervisors.

    Economic Development
    Examine the economic development process from both government agency and private sector perspectives and gain the knowledge necessary to enable communities to prosper. Note: The Economic Development Certificate will not be offered in the 2022-2023 academic year.

    Leadership Communication Skills
    Expand your skills in mediation, negotiation, and strategic influencing.

    Leadership in Affordable Housing
    Dig into the history as well as the key political and economic issues that created the affordable housing crisis to identify the best collaborative opportunities to tackle it.

    Managing People in the Public Sector
    Gain awareness of your own leadership capabilities through self-evaluation, then pair these findings with public sector-specific skills to enact change within your organization and the greater public sphere, whether you lead five or 50 people.

    Public Policy and Decision Making Certificate
    Gain an understanding of the public policy process and frameworks for its assessment, as well as the analysis skills to make data-driven decisions and communicate findings to non-technical audiences.

    Public Sector Operations
    Position yourself to take the lead in your organization with enhanced skills in fiscal management, policy implementation, managing tax dollars, and developing budgets.

    Public Works Certificates

    Human Resources Essentials for Public Works Professionals
    Meet the challenges of managing personnel, employee contracts, and performance measurement, and develop tools to address the complex HR issues you encounter.

    Public Works Executive Fellowship
    Assess your personal leadership inventory and develop a sustainable leadership plan.

    Public Works Leadership Academy 
    Increase your effectiveness and prepare to be an industry leader through this interactive program for current and emerging professionals at the supervisor or manager level.