• Dual Degree Programs

    With a dual degree, not only will you get hands-on training across sectors, you'll gain the advanced skills and experiences employers want. This option is particularly beneficial for those receiving tuition reimbursement from their employers.

    All of the programs were designed for working professionals with online or evening classes and flexible scheduling. Dual degree options include:

    • Business Administration and Nonprofit Management (MBA/MNM)
    • Business Administration and Public Administration¬† (MBA/MPA)
    • Public Administration and Nonprofit Management (MPA/MNM)
    • Business Administration and Business Analytics (MBA/MSBA)
    • Business Analytics and Nonprofit Management (MSBA/MNM)
    • Business Analytics and Public Administration (MSBA/MPA)
    • Public Administration and Management & Leadership (MPA/MML)
    • Nonprofit Management and Management & Leadership (MNM/MML)
    • Business Analytics and Management & Leadership (MSBA/MML)

    Why a Dual Degree?

    • Complex issues of today require a multi-sector approach, with government agencies, nonprofit organizations, and private companies all playing critical roles.
    • Improve performance in your chosen field and increase cross-sector partnership opportunities by developing skills and knowledge in multiple areas.

    More Information

    Contact the graduate admission office at 651-523-2900 or gradprog@hamline.edu.