• Managing People in the Public Sector

    Take the lead in the public sector.

    Go beyond basic leadership training for an in-depth exploration of the unique challenges of managing people in the public sector. Gain awareness of your own leadership capabilities through self-evaluation, then pair these findings with public sector-specific skills (like working with collective bargaining) to enact change within your organization and the greater public sphere, whether you lead five or 50 people.

    Program overview

    Two eight-week courses: one offered on-campus one evening a week, the other offered online with three on-campus residencies, two Fridays, 1–8 p.m., and one Saturday, 9 a.m.–4 p.m.

    Start in fall or spring.

    Time to complete:
    Two semesters if taking one class per term.

    2 courses


    • MPA 8001 Leading in Organizations (4 credits, 8 weeks)
    • MPA 8050 Human Resource Management for Government (4 credits, 8 weeks)

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