Brett Devine, Business Analytics professor

Business Analytics Concentration

Bachelor of Business Administration

Business analysts use their well-developed understanding of markets and economics to solve problems using quantitative models. In Hamline’s business analytics concentration, you'll:

  • Become an expert in quantitative modeling and how to address data management concerns
  • Learn how to apply mathematical models and data management techniques to business operations to improve their decision-making capabilities and boost profitability
  • Develop skills in computer programming and software applications to analyze data in a variety of contexts, ensuring you can provide actionable insights and drive strategic business outcomes.
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Business analytics concentration program details

Career Paths
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Internships for business analytics students

We make sure you leave Hamline with hands-on business analytics experience on your resume—and the opportunities are boundless. Whether you want to explore a career in management, data science, information technology, or beyond, we have internship opportunities for you.

Examples of past business analytics concentration student internships include:

  • Inside Edge, data procurement intern
  • Skyhawks, business analyst intern
  • Better Business Bureau, market research intern
  • Graco Inc., purchasing intern
  • General Mills, business analyst intern
  • Hamline University Marketing Analytics Clinic, analytics associate
  • Find Your Power, social media and marketing intern
  • Sezzle Business, analyst intern
  • UnitedHealth Group, business analyst intern

Explore career paths for business analytics students

Our innovative courses and one-on-one mentoring by faculty will give you the tools to succeed in a variety of jobs, such as:

  • Financial analyst, Kurita America
  • Product manager, Sezzle
  • Sourcing analyst, General Mills
  • Business analysis associate, Turnberry Solutions
  • Associate business systems analyst, UnitedHealth Group
  • Executive analyst, Centerspace
  • Data analyst, Henry's Foods Inc.
  • DX product coordinator, Legrand AV
  • Application developer and analyst, US Bank

You can also put your degree to work in any number of fields, including:

  • Data science
  • Quantitative and financial analysis
  • Operations research analysis
  • Market research
  • Fraud detection
  • Database administration
  • Information technology
  • Experiment design
  • Predictive analysis
  • Manufacturing design
  • Applied statistics
  • Commercial underwriting

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With Hamline's career mentor program, you'll graduate with advanced career preparation after working one-on-one with your personal senior executive mentor to plan your career and learn what you need to impress hiring managers and recruiters.

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Brett Devine, Business Analytics professor

Why study business analytics at Hamline?

Brett Devine of the Hamline School of Business discusses the benefit to organizations in using data to support their decision-making, and the value in a career in business analytics.

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Hamline’s business administration major encompasses a wide range of instruction and skill-building designed to make you a leader in today’s ever-changing business landscape.

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