Marketing Analytics Clinic

With the Marketing Analytics Clinic, you’ll gain experience through a real-world marketing project, setting you up for a career in marketing and analytics. 

Each semester, the clinic partners with small to mid-sized businesses and nonprofits in the Twin Cities. Working with faculty, four undergraduate students create a marketing project to both benefit the business and provide students with an internship experience.

Students will:

  • Meet and network with clients
  • Assess the needs and scale of their project
  • Analyze current marketing strategy and areas to grow based on the scope of the project
  • Present results and map of future steps

Examples of potential projects include:

  • Aggregating and analyzing data across multiple sources (social media, email marketing, Google Analytics, CRM data, and more)
  • Creating a data-informed marketing plan
  • Doing testing to optimize marketing campaigns
  • Developing strategies to reach specific audiences based on demographics and email marketing open-rates/click-through rates, and more
  • Researching keywords and hashtags to optimize websites and digital campaigns
  • Studying text across the web and social platforms to understand competitive positioning

Student associates

Each term, students will be selected by application. Students receive a paid stipend and satisfy their internship requirement for graduation.

Preference is given to:

Interested in becoming a business partner?

The clinic can help businesses and nonprofits that don’t have the resources to make data-informed marketing decisions on their own.

Business partners will benefit from:

  • Using advanced machine learning tools on existing internal and external data to uncover new marketing strategies
  • Collaborating with two faculty experts in their fields who will closely guide the students
  • Building your legacy by contributing to our next generation of business leaders
  • Gaining diverse perspectives to solve your business challenges
  • 700+ hours of analysis and recommendations from the project team

If you are interested in working with the clinic, contact:

Sonal A. Gerten
Marketing instructor

Dr. Brett Devine
Assistant professor, business analytics