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Brian Hoffman

Brian Hoffman


Brian Hoffman, PhD, is the Director at HUCAS and Associate Professor of Anthropology at Hamline University. 

Marcia Regan

Marcia Regan

Principal Investigator

Marcia Regan, PhD, is a Principal Investigator at HUCAS and an Instructor in the Department of Anthropology at Hamline University. She has more than 35 years experience in human skeletal excavation, recovery, and analysis, working in both Minnesota and Arizona.

David Tennessen, HUCAS

David Tennessen

Principal Investigator

David Tennessen, PhD, is a Principal Investigator at HUCAS and a Visiting Lecturer in the Department of Anthropology at Hamline University.

Robert Larsen

Robert Larsen

Indigenous Archaeology Specialist

Robert D. Larsen is an Indigenous Archaeology Specialist for HUCAS. He is Mdewakantowan Dakota from the Lower Sioux Indian Community in Morton, Minnesota. As previous Councilperson he is adamant about the ancestors having a voice and protecting burial and sacred sites. His experience participating in MIAC, archaeological, burial, and NAGPRA projects led him to Cultural sensitive recovery and reburial and now to HUCAS. 

Tom Sanders, HUCAS

Tom Sanders

Indigenous Archaeology Specialist

Tom Sanders, MA, RPA, is an Indigenous Archaeology Specialist for the Center. He is the former manager of the Jeffers Petroglyphs Historic Site and a founding member of the Red Rock Ridge Research Group. He has been working with Indigenous Elders for more than 20 years.

Sofía Pacheco-Forés, HUCAS

Sofía Pacheco-Forés

Assistant Professor of Biological Anthropology

Sofía Pacheco-Forés, PhD, is an Assistant Professor of Biological Anthropology at Hamline University with expertise in the identification, excavation, and study of human skeletal remains. In addition to the creation of osteological profiles from human skeletal remains, she also uses bone and tooth chemistry to reconstruct the geographic origins of human skeletal remains. 

Susan Myster, HUCAS

Susan Myster

Osteology Fellow

Susan Myster, PhD, DABFA, is a Professor Emerita of Anthropology. She is a HUCAS Osteology Fellow.

Eric Dinneen, HUCAS

Erin Dinneen

Archaeology Specialist Supervisor

Erin Dinneen, MA, is an Archaeology Specialist Supervisor for HUCAS. Her work over the past decade has taken her from Alaska to Kiribati, and now back home to Minnesota, participating in Phase I, II, and III archaeological projects. She has spent the last few years collaborating on burial recoveries.

Desiree Haggberg, HUCAS

Desiree Haggberg

Osteology Repository Supervisor

Desiree Haggberg, Registered Archaeologist 28081, is the Osteology Repository Supervisor for HUCAS and has more than eight years experience in the field and lab identifying, recovering, and studying human and faunal bone. She has worked on several burial recovery and monitoring projects as well as Phase I and II investigations. She is the collections manager for the repository and guides NAGPRA and archival projects. 

Forest Seaberg-Wood, HUCAS

Forest Seaberg-Wood

Archaeology Laboratory Supervisor

Forest Seaberg-Wood is the Archaeology Laboratory Supervisor for HUCAS. She has 10 years of experience working in both the field and laboratory, including Phase I and II investigations, cataloging, artifact analysis, and collections management. 

W. Carter Olsen

W. Carter Olsen

Archaeology Record Specialist

W. Carter Olsen is an Archaeology Record Specialist for HUCAS. He has a BA in Anthropology from Hamline University, worked for several years as an archaeological field technician after graduating in 2014, and is now excavating the archives of past field work to create an organized database of digitized files. As a field tech he worked on several projects in the states of Minnesota and Wisconsin. 

Kyle Knapp, HUCAS

Kyle Knapp

Archaeology Record Specialist

Kyle Knapp is an Archaeology Record Specialist. He has assisted on several HUCAS projects, but perhaps most notably on the Historic Human Remains Project. Kyle is interested in applying open-source intelligence techniques, archival research, genetic genealogy, and forensic science methods to the investigation of unidentified human remains cases. 

Eva Larson, Center for Anthropological Services

Eva Larson

Bio-archaeology Field Technician

Eva Larson is a (bio)archaeological field technician and a recent graduate of Hamline University. While at Hamline, Eva studied anthropology, criminology/criminal justice, and forensic science with a focus in archaeology and human osteology. She also carried out three years of research on experimental archaeology and lithic debitage analysis (stone tool production). Since graduating, Eva has spent her time conducting archaeological fieldwork of all phases across the upper Midwest. 

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