Center for Anthropological Services

Center for Anthropological Services

Hamline University's Center for Anthropological Services (HUCAS) provides professional services and information-driven solutions that respectfully support communities, organizations, and individuals, through detailed contextual research in archaeological, environmental, forensic, and human cultural settings. 

The past exerts a powerful influence on how we understand our place in the world, our identities, and the ways in which we treat one another. HUCAS is committed to the protection and preservation of an honest understanding of the past that is inclusive and respectful.

Our mission includes the protection of burial grounds, the identification of unidentified human remains, repatriation of displaced human remains and associated belongings, preserving the stories of overlooked or under-represented groups, and working with descendant and stakeholder communities to ensure their representation in our shared understanding of the past.

The Center promotes academic excellence at Hamline by assisting with courses offered by the Department of Humans, Climate, and the Environment, by supporting student and faculty research, and by providing Hamline students and recent graduates with real-world experience.

Ceramic doll recovered during HUCAS excavation

Ceramic doll recovered from a 19th century cellar depression at Forestville State Park, Filmore County

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