• Department Scholarships: Theatre Arts

    Hamline’s Theatre Arts Scholarship is designed to support students who have a demonstrated interest, aptitude, and passion for theatre arts. This award can be renewed for three years if eligibility requirements are met.


    Transfer Spring 2022 student application deadline: January 5, 2022

    First-Year student application deadline: February 1, 2022

    Transfer Fall 2022 student application deadline: Extended to July 1, 2022

    Scholarship Criteria

    Admitted students applying for this scholarship must be actively involved in the theatre program two of three terms (including January term) each year once the scholarship is awarded. Participation may include working backstage, acting in directing scenes, acting in mainstage shows, etc. Students must also participate in regular departmental reviews. A major in theatre arts is not required to be eligible for this scholarship, but students must maintain a 3.0 GPA. A select number of students will be invited to audition on campus as a final step in the award process. Please see information on the audition process below.

    All required materials for admission to Hamline University must be submitted before applying for departmental scholarships. Scholarship applications and materials received after the deadline will not be considered. Scholarships are only awarded to students who have received an offer of admission from Hamline University.

    Audition Process

    A select group of students will be invited to an on-campus audition as the final step of the award process. These students should be prepared to present an audition and/or discuss their design, directing, technical or playwriting experiences. Specific details on the audition process will be included in the invitation.

    Audition Requirements

    Performers: Choose two contrasting pieces (each 90 seconds or shorter) that best demonstrate your range and abilities. If you are using a play that you have written, your other selection must be from a published play. Start by introducing your selections and then move directly into your presentation. If you sing, please add a third element consisting of sixteen bars of music. Singers should bring their accompaniment music on a CD or other mobile device (phone, iPod, etc.)—singing a capella is not recommended. A chair will be provided for actors who wish to use one, but no other props are provided or necessary.

    Designers/technicians: Please bring a résumé of shows that you have worked on and any production sketches, models, or photos that will assist the committee in visualizing your work. Be prepared to discuss design process, interesting challenges, special effects, or unique solutions to problems.

    Playwrights, directors, and stage managers: Please bring a résumé of shows that you have worked on. Directors and stage managers should bring their production books, show photos, and other documentation that will assist the interview committee. Playwrights should bring scripts. Please note if your work has been performed and bring a production video, if possible.

    Auditions will be held in mid-February. Information about auditioning will be sent to select students at the email they provide on their application. 

    How to Maintain this Scholarship

    To maintain this scholarship annually, the scholarship recipient must maintain a 3.0 GPA and participate in a theatre program two of three terms each year and as well as in departmental reviews.

    For answers to any questions, call the Office of Undergraduate Admission at 800-753-9753 or 651-523-2207 or email admission@hamline.edu.

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