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    Application Guide for International Students

    Hamline University is a small, Minnesota private college that seeks to admit students who demonstrate a working knowledge of the major academic disciplines; have developed the writing, speaking, reasoning, and study skills to be successful in the university’s academic programs; and demonstrate the motivation and maturity to meet the academic and social challenges of a selective, residential, liberal arts college. Click here to read our review criteriaor follow the steps below to start your application.

    Complete the checklist below when you apply to Hamline University:

    1. International Student Application

    Complete an online application using our Hamline Application or the Common App. There is no fee to apply to Hamline!


    Hamline University

    First-year, transfer, and international students can apply directly to Hamline University.

    First-Year Students

    Transfer Students




    First-year, transfer, and international students can apply to Hamline University using the Common App.

    Common App is a non-profit membership organization dedicated to access, equity, and integrity in the college admission process.



    Download the Hamline University print application if you wish to apply by mail.


     2. Application Deadlines

    Fall Term

    December 1 - priority deadline
    May 1 - final application deadline*
    May 1 - deposit deadline

    *Applicants who are transferring an F-1 visa from another US college or university may be considered for admission after final deadlines.

    Spring Term

    September 15 - priority deadline
    November 15 - final deadline*
    November 15 - deposit deadline

    *Applicants who are transferring an F-1 visa from another US college or university may be considered for admission after final deadlines.  

    3. Official Transcripts

    Submit official or certified copies of academic records from all secondary schools and colleges or universities you have attended. If your academic records are not in English, you must have them translated into English by a certified public translator.

    Official high school diploma or certificate of graduation from high school:

    If you are still completing high school, you can send this document later upon your graduation.

    Transfer students - Official college or university transcripts:

    Submit official or certified copies of academic records from all colleges or universities you have attended. If your academic records are not in English, you must have them translated into English by a certified public translator.

    Transferring from within the US

    At least one year of full-time college coursework:
    Submit all transcripts from every post-secondary institution attended. Transcripts should be sent to Hamline directly from your school's registrar.

    Less than one year of full-time college course work:
    In addition to the above, please have your official high school transcripts and official test scores sent to Hamline directly.

    Transferring from outside the US

    Students requesting transfer of credit for courses taken at universities outside of the United States must have their transcripts evaluated by an expert academic credential evaluator in the United States. For more information, please see IEE, ECE, or WES.

    4. Test Scores and Proof of English Proficiency

    Whether you're applying as a freshman or transfer student, you must demonstrate proficiency in English to be considered for admission to any of our programs. If you've completed all your secondary school/high school in a country where English is not the language of instruction, you can demonstrate proficiency by taking one of the exams and earning the minimum required scores. 

    1. ACT or SAT scores. These may be listed on your official transcript sent to Hamline by your high school. 
    2. Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) examination:
            a)   Internet-based test (iBT): 79 or better
            b)   Paper-based test (completed prior to October 2017): 550 or better
            c)   Revised paper-delivered test (completed October 2017 or later): 60 or better
    3. International English Language Testing System (IELTS) examination (academic modules): 6.5 or better band score
    4. Global Language Institute: advanced level and faculty recommendation; or ELS Language Center: Level 112 graduation 
    5. Duolingo: 105 or better 

    5. Teacher Recommendation Form

    Have at least one letter of recommendation describing your academic and leadership record and potential from your guidance counselor and/or an academic teacher sent directly to Hamline.

    Download a Teacher Recommendation Form

    6. Evidence of Financial Support

    You must submit documentary evidence of the amount of financial support that will be available to you. Please review the current Affidavit of Financial Support for details about the cost of attendance for international undergraduate students. Financial documents should be official and not older than three months. This may be submitted at the time of admission.

    7. Passport and Visa Copy

    A copy of the photo page of your passport and visa page (if you have one) must be submitted.

    International Admission Review Criteria

    In the evaluation process, the admission committee considers secondary school course selection and performance in academic subjects the most important indicators of ability. The recommended pattern of college preparatory subjects includes:

    • Four years of English
    • Three years of mathematics
    • Three years of science with laboratory experience
    • Three years of social science

    A secondary school diploma (or its equivalent transcript with courses and grades) is required for first-year admission. Students who have not completed the recommended courses but whose scholastic record and aptitude indicate the possession of the characteristics described above are invited to submit their credentials for consideration.

    The admission committee also considers an applicant’s rank in class (if available), SAT, ACT, or TOEFL test score results, recommendations, and cocurricular involvement as indicators of preparation for academic and social environments. Evidence of leadership qualities in school and in the community at large is considered an especially positive indicator.

    International scholarships range from $4,000 to $22,000 and are awarded at the time of admission.  These merit scholarships are awarded based on the academic records that students present in their application. Hamline does not offer need-based scholarships to international students.

    In addition to the requested application materials, some applicants may be asked to provide the results of additional course work and/or complete an admission interview.

    Hamline University does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, ancestry, sex, disability, religion, age, sexual orientation, or veteran status in its education or employment programs or activities.



    Conditional admission is offered for first-year students who currently do not meet the English language proficiency requirement but are otherwise academically qualified for admission. First-year applicants whose English proficiency test scores do not meet Hamline’s minimum requirements are automatically considered for conditional admission based on a review of their completed international application. If you do not have test score results or met the minimum English language test scores, you can be admitted to Hamline University by enrolling in one of the university’s partner ESL programs, the Global Language Institute or the ELS Language Center. Both programs are located near Hamline University in Saint Paul, Minnesota. International students must apply to both the language school (GLI or ELS) and Hamline University with all of the required application materials and supporting documentation with the exception of required proof of English ability.

    Conditional admission steps:

    1. Apply for admission to Hamline University. You must submit a complete application, including official transcripts, letter of recommendation, and the official results of any tests you have taken. Hamline admissions staff will make an overall assessment of your admissibility.
    2. An offer of conditional admission will be sent to qualified candidates. This offer instructs students to apply to either GLI or ELS.
    3. Students will apply to the full-time ESL program at one of these two schools. GLI or ELS will issue an I-20 visa document to students for their English language study.
    4. Students take English language classes until they have completed the GLI advanced level or the ELS level 112.
    5. Students submit F-1 Transfer Notification Form to GLI or ELS, and their student visa is transferred to Hamline University. Hamline issues a letter of admission to start the following term (fall or spring semester). 


    Students who successfully complete GLI’s advanced level courses and receive faculty recommendation or who successfully complete the ELS English for Academic Purposes (EAP) program level 112 may transfer directly to Hamline University. GLI and ELS students who are admitted to Hamline University will receive a $5,000 scholarship ($1,250/year for up to four years). 

    NOTE: The scholarship applies only to students entering an undergraduate program at Hamline University. It is not available for students enrolling in any of the graduate programs.     

    Getting to Hamline

    Learn more about applying for a student visa, and traveling to Hamline.