• Vehicle Use

    Only those employees, students, and volunteers who meet the following conditions may operate a Covered Vehicle:

    1.    Must be at least 19 years old;

    2.    Must have a valid driver’s license on file with the Office of Public Safety Services;

    3.    Must have a current DMV report on file with the Office of Public Safety Services, which is updated annually. Authorized Drivers are under an ongoing affirmative duty to report any material changes in their driving record (e.g. new moving violation) or licensure status (e.g. suspension or revocation) to the Office of Public Safety Services;

    4.    No more than two (2) moving violations in the previous three (3) years. All major violations will be reviewed;

    5.    No more than two (2) accidents involving Covered Vehicles in three (3) years;

    6.    Successfully complete Hamline’s Vehicle Use Training; and

    7.    Have on file with the Office of Public Safety Services a signed Covered Vehicle Use Agreement. See page eight (8) of the Vehicle Use Policy.

    Each employee or student requesting permission to operate a Covered Vehicle will obtain their own driving record from the DMV. Any subsequent accidents or violations may require further training or revocation of privilege to operate a Hamline University Covered Vehicle. All driving records obtained will be considered confidential information. 

    See the Minnesota DMV website for further information on obtaining a driving record from the Minnesota Department of Motor Vehicles. 

    All drivers who submit their driving records and complete the required training will receive a copy of this policy and will be responsible for complying with the requirements.

    Refer to the Vehicle Use Policy for more details.

    Van Reservation     No van reservations at this time.

    Vans may be rented by Hamline campus departments, athletics, and clubs and organizations for legitimate, college-based purposes.

    Read more on reserving a vehicle.