Parking at Hamline

Office of Public Safety

Hamline Public Safety Services reserves the right to change and adapt the Hamline parking policy (Google Doc) at any time in order to accommodate the changing needs of the Hamline community. Any parking policy changes will be communicated fully to the Hamline University community. Hamline University assumes no responsibility for any damage to or theft of vehicles or any property with those vehicles parked in university lots.

Public Safety reserves the right to block off any parking area at any time as deemed necessary by the administration. The campus is a busy community. Students must be aware that parking schemes change due to construction, weather, and events. All changes in campus parking schemes, winter parking rules, or any other motor vehicle notices will be on the parking policy.

Parking registration information

If you are interested in parking your vehicle on- or around campus, please review the information below:

Parking permits are for students, faculty, staff, adjunct faculty and part-time coaches who are interested in parking their vehicle on-campus. All prices are listed in the next section.

Vehicle registration is required for any faculty, staff, or student who is not interested in a parking permit, but is still driving a vehicle and parking near campus in case of emergencies.

Parking information