• Van Reservation

    Hamline University maintains a small fleet of vehicles that may be rented by Hamline campus departments, athletics and clubs and organizations for legitimate, college-based purposes. Campus-owned vehicles may NOT be rented for personal use. Vehicle reservations at Hamline University need to be made by e-mail to security@hamline.edu and egren01@hamline.edu. You may call the Office of Public Safety (651-523-2100) to check van availability date only. Trips of more than 450 miles one-way will need to be approved by the Dean of Students per the Student Travel Policy.

    The following information is required when requesting Hamline Van(s):

    1. Number of vans
    2. Date of Departure
    3. Time of Departure
    4. Date of Return
    5. Time of Return
    6. Destination of Trip (City or Address)
    7. Department or Organization Name
    8. Complete Budget Number
    9. Name of the driver(s)

    (If the driver is unknown, the request will be reserved under the name of the requester and department/organization name. The driver authorization will be verified when the keys are picked up.)


    Any Hamline University faculty member, staff or recognized student organization may request to reserve a campus-owned vehicle on behalf of his/her department or organization. However, authorization from the requester's department head or organization chairperson is required to complete the process. For student groups the requester should coordinate a van request through the Student Involvement Center in the Anderson Center room 319. Campus recreation related requests need to be approved by the the Campus Rec Budget Authority.


    Persons operating campus-owned vehicles must bring in a copy of their motor vehicle driving record for the current year and fill out the release form. Drivers must also supply copy of their driver’s license, front & back  and have completed the Hamline University covered vehicle use agreement. Online and practical driving tests must also be completed.



    Vehicle rentals are billed to the sponsoring department or campus organization on a monthly basis using the budget number that is provided.

    12 Person Van (Driver and 11 Passengers): $0.80 per mile OR $50 per ½ day (0-5 hours) minimum rental fee.*


    12 Person Van (Driver and 11 Passengers): $0.80 per mile OR $70 per day (0-16 hours) minimum rental fee.*

    12 Person Van (Driver and 11 Passengers): $0.80 per mile OR $80 per day (24 hours) minimum rental fee.*

    Any vehicle used for less than 2 hours and 20 Miles will be charged a flat fee of $15.00

    *Minimum vehicle rental fee will be applied, if mileage does not exceed minimum charge.


    Van reservations can be cancelled before the time of the reservation without any charge. If the van reservation is cancelled after the van reservation begin time, the department or organization will be charged the minimum amount of the vehicle rental fee for that reservation.  This also applies to a no-call/no-show. A cancellation request must be done by email to the Public Safety Office email at security@hamline.edu. It is the responsibility of the van requester and/or group to properly cancel the van reservation(s) in due time to not incur any charges.


    The van fuel price is included with the price of the van rental for local trips. Vans will have (at minimum) 3/4 of a tank of fuel daily. For trips that use all the van fuel, the department or organization is responsible to re-fuel the van(s) enough to return the vehicle to campus. 


    When all the Hamline Vans are unavailable, groups will have to find their own transportation. Below are leasing companies that we have worked with before or are near campus. The Office of Public Safety would require that the driver of these alternative vans be verified as Hamline authorized drivers before the department or organization decides to rent from them. This is to make sure that the driver will be covered under the Hamline insurance in case of any accidents during these campus-sponsored trips. A copy of Hamline's insurance information will be provided to the driver or group on the date of departure once driver authorization is verified. Please remember that if you chose to rent from these companies, they may have different driver age requirements and policies from Hamline's Vehicle Use Policy.

    1. Midway Ford - Roseville, MN 651-636-8200
    2. Enterprise - Saint Paul, MN 651-228-0088
    3. Twin City Truck and Van Rentals - South Saint Paul, MN 651-457-6687


    The vans are shared vehicles and the interiors of the vans are to be kept clean by each group of users. Each group is expected to clean up after themselves after use. If the vans are found to be in unfavorable conditions, the group will be charged an additional $50 cleaning fee.


    The Office of Public Safety can deny van use in case of inclement weather per the Hamline Vehicle Use policy.