• Severe Weather

    For the most up-to-date information, view a local or national weather broadcasting channel or website.

    WATCHES are issued when conditions are favorable for severe weather or tornadoes.

    WARNINGS are issued when severe weather has been reported or a tornado has been spotted.

    The Office of Safety and Security Services has the authority to instruct faculty, staff, students and visitors to seek appropriate shelter for the duration of the warning.


    Severe Weather Shelters

    Building Address Shelter Location
    Bookstore 722 Snelling Basement
    734 Snelling 734 Snelling Back kitchen area
    736 Snelling 736 Snelling Basement
    740 Snelling 740 Snelling Basement of 742 Snelling
    742 Snelling 742 Snelling Basement
    Second Language House 845 Snelling Basement interior rooms away from windows
    Alumni House 749 Simpson Basement interior rooms away from windows
    Anderson Center 774 Snelling Parking ramp away from entrance doors
    Bush Memorial Library 1518 Hewitt Basement away from center stairway and glass
    Bush Center 1551 Hewitt Basement away from glass or Walker Field House shelter areas
    Central Plant 805 Simpson Basement tunnels
    Central Plant/IT 805 Simpson Basement of Drew Science Center
    Drew Fine Arts 1530 Taylor First floor bathrooms or Anne Simley Theater
    Drew Science Center 1540 Hewitt Basement hallway
    East Hall 1492 Hewitt Basement classrooms, hallways away from glass
    Englewood Building 1564 Englewood Basement interior rooms and under stairs
    Facilities Services Building 1481 Taylor Drew Hall Basement
    Giddens/Alumni Learning Center 1556 Hewitt Rooms 1S and 100E
    Creative Writing 1500 Englewood Basement interior rooms away from windows
    Hutton Area 1569 Hewitt Basement restrooms and locker rooms or Walker Field House shelter areas
    Klas Center 1535 Taylor Basement hallway and locker rooms or Walker Field House shelter areas
    West Hall 1492 Hewitt North and south sides of basement hallways, away from glass in the lounge area
    Old Main 1536 Hewitt Basement hallway or Drew Science Center basement hallway
    Robbins Science Center 800 Snelling Basement rooms away from glass
    Studio A/B 1495 Taylor Drew Hall Basement
    Studio C 1495 Taylor Drew Hall Basement
    Sundin Music Hall 1531 Hewitt Anne Simley Theater in Drew Fine Arts
    Undergraduate Admission 833 Snelling Basement away from windows
    Walker Field House 1550 Taylor Basement offices, interior hallways