• Parking

    Hamline Public Safety Services reserves the right to change and adapt this policy at any time in order to accommodate the changing parking needs of the Hamline community. Any parking policy changes will be communicated fully to the Hamline University community. Hamline University assumes no responsibility for any damage to or theft of vehicles or any property with those vehicles parked in university lots.

    Parking Permits

    All faculty, staff, and students are eligible to purchase parking permits.

    Student parking permits are only valid for the semester they were purchased in. A new student parking permit must be purchased each semester you intend to park on campus.

    New permits are issued each semester to part-time coaches and adjunct faculty. They are also issued every three years for full-time faculty and staff. You must come in person to the Anderson front desk to pick up your permit.

    Parking applications are now available online in a Google Forms document. Access this document below:

    Faculty & Staff

    Permits are the property of Hamline University and may not be transferred or re-sold.

    While parked on campus, parking permits must be displayed on the rearview mirror. Ensure the permit is visible from outside of the vehicle and is facing your windshield so officers can see your permit type and number. If you change vehicles or your license plate changes, you must update your vehicle information with Public Safety at the Anderson Desk.


    Parking Permit Payment

    Student parking permits will be billed to student accounts. These charges will be posted to your student account each semester. Students who pick up a parking permit during the semester will not receive a discount and will still be charged the full price of a semester permit. Refunds will not be available.

    Staff and full-time faculty permits will be charged by a monthly post-tax payroll deduction. Payment will not be billed until a permit has been issued. Refunds are not available.

    Adjunct faculty and part-time coaches need to pay for their parking permit at the cashier's office prior to getting their permit at the Anderson Desk. The cashier's office can be found on the first floor of East Hall. Receipts must be presented before the permit will be issued.

    Note to staff and faculty from the Payroll Manager:

    Parking permit fees are a post-tax payment. By electing to make a payroll deduction, you are committing to this post-tax payment.

    Hamline Apartments

    Parking on the surface lot and underground garage will be enforced twenty-four hours a day. Special parking permits will be issued for those assigned to the Hamline Apartments. You must be a current resident of the Apartments to receive one of these passes. This information will be verified prior to purchasing a permit. Apartments Ramp permit holders may park in any spot in the ramp.

    Parking Permit Overnight Hours

    • Student Residence Hall parking permits allow students to park overnight.
    • If you are traveling for Hamline related business, or you will need to park overnight for student athletics or other organizations, you may do so after obtaining approval from the Director of Public Safety. This is also available for those who park in the Anderson Ramp. Requests should be sent to security@hamline.edu.

    Summer Parking

    You may park in surface lots without a permit during the summer (Commencement to the start of fall classes).

    Visitor Parking

    Visitor parking is located in the Anderson Center Ramp on Englewood Avenue, available from 7 am through 12:30 am Monday through Sunday. Parking in the Anderson Center is by the hour and is $1.00 per hour with a maximum charge of $20. A lost ticket charge will also be $20. Special arrangements may be made by contacting the Director of Public Safety at security@hamline.edu.


    An unregistered vehicle left unattended on campus for more than fourteen (14) days will be considered abandoned and will be removed from University property at the Owners expense.

    Parking Lot Key

    Lot A – Taylor Avenue Parking Lot
    Lot A-2 - Facilities Services Lot
    Lot B – Drew Parking Lot
    Lot C – Parking Lot (North of Tennis Court)
    Lot D – East Hall Parking Lot
    Lot E – The Heights Parking Lot
    Lot F – Central Plant Parking Lot
    Lot G – Apartments Surface Lot
    Lot I - 1564 Englewood Avenue Lot
    Lot J - Admissions Parking Lot
    View the Campus Map for the locations of all parking lots.

    Tickets, Fines, and Towing

    Hamline Public Safety Services will patrol all university property for the purpose of enforcing policies, providing general aid and assistance, and crime prevention. Vehicles parked in violation of the parking policy may be ticketed and/or towed. Please refer to this Public Safety website for all parking policies.


    A vehicle may be towed at the owner's expense when a third or subsequent violation has been issued. The registered owner of the vehicle or person to whom the Hamline University parking permit is issued is responsible for all costs incurred when the vehicle is towed. Hamline University and Public Safety reserves the right to tow a vehicle based upon circumstances, regardless of the number of previous violations. For example, vehicles may be towed immediately if improperly parked in reserved spaces, handicap spaces or fire lanes.

    Please note that if the registered owner of the vehicle is not the current operator of the vehicle, the operator of the vehicle will be charged with all parking tickets acquired while the operator is using the vehicle. If Public Safety cannot identify the operator, then the registered owner will receive the tickets.

    The Saint Paul Police Department has jurisdiction over city streets, all fire lanes and handicap parking spaces, even if these spaces are located on private property. Therefore, you may also receive a ticket from, or be towed by, the City of Saint Paul. Hamline Public Safety is not responsible for any tickets or tows performed by the city. It is the responsibility of the registered owner of the vehicle to resolve all tickets and tows given by the city.

    Hamline Parking Violation Appeals

    Parking violations may be appealed by completing a parking appeal within ten business days of the date the ticket was issued. Parking Appeal Forms are available at Hamline Public Safety Office Located in Sorin Hall. The Appeal must be delivered to the Public Safety office located in Sorin with a copy of the ticket being appealed. Incomplete appeal forms or a missing copy of the ticket will not be considered.

    The Director of Hamline Public Safety will review appeals that have been submitted. Decisions of the Director are final. Notification of their decision will be sent via email. All fines upheld by the Director of Public Safety must be paid within ten days of the date of the letter of notification.


    Public Safety reserves the right to block off any parking area at any time as deemed necessary by the Administration. The campus is a busy community. Students must be aware that parking schemes change due to construction, weather and events. All changes in campus parking schemes, winter parking rules, or any other motor vehicle notices are Posted on the University Parking Policy Page.

    Parking Services

    Public Safety can assist Community Members with jump starts and the use of traction pads as well as shovels, please contact Public Safety if you are in need of assistance.

    Campus Speed Limit

    15 MPH speed limit on campus. Drive with courtesy, there are numerous pedestrians.

    Parking Enforcement

    Verbal or physical harassment of any person responsible for enforcing parking policy on campus is a violation of university policy and cause for disciplinary action.

    Special Situations

    Accommodations can be made during special circumstances with the authorization of the Director of Public Safety. Please call the Public Safety office at 651-523-2100 or email security@hamline.edu to request accommodations.

    Campus Snow Emergencies

    During campus wide snow emergencies, a notification will be sent out through Hamline ALERT. Individuals on campus for any reason are strongly encouraged to sign up for Hamline ALERT by going to Piperline and selecting Hamline ALERT in the personal information tab. Select both “emergency” and “outreach” to ensure that you receive all campus-wide communications.

    During a campus snow emergency, all vehicles parked on campus must be moved in accordance with instructions provided at that time. Note that city of Saint Paul snow emergency are different than campus snow emergencies and Hamline Public Safety has no control over city issued snow emergencies.

    City of Saint Paul Snow Emergencies

    Snow emergencies may be declared by the City of Saint Paul. Please call 651-266-PLOW (7569) if you are unsure where to park. You may also download the app available at https://www.stpaul.gov/departments/public-works/street-maintenance/snow-emergency. If you are parked on a city street during a snow emergency, your vehicle is subject to ticketing and towing. All vehicles tagged and towed in a snow emergency are taken to the police department’s impound lot located on Como Avenue, two blocks west of Snelling Avenue, across the street from the State Fairgrounds. Snow Emergency Maps of area streets are available on the city of Saint Paul website.

    REMEMBER, it is YOUR responsibility to read and understand the university Parking Policy prior to bringing a vehicle on campus. Failure to do so can result in a ticket and could also result in the vehicle being towed at owner's expense. Be a safe and courteous driver.