• Hamline Alert Frequently Asked Questions

    Question: What happens if I provide a phone number to receive text messages?
    Answer: Your text-enabled phone number is put into the system and the Hamline Alert/Blackboard Connect service will automatically send a text message to your mobile phone to confirm your request.

    Question: From what number will these text messages originate?
    Answer: All confirmation text messages and subsequent alerts will come from 23177 or 63079. Please save this number and label it as 'Hamline Alert' so you can quickly recognize this number as the official source of our messages.

    Question: What will the confirmation message say?
    Answer: The confirmation message will read the following:
    You have opted-in to receive messages to your device. For more info reply “HELP”. To opt out, visit Portal or reply “STOP PORTAL”. Msg&data rates may apply.”

    Question: What happens if I text reply “HELP”?
    Answer: If you text reply HELP, you will receive the following message:
    BbConnect Notify Alerts: 2msgs/mo. Msg&data rates may apply. Reply STOP to cancel. Info: www.blackboardconnect.com/sms/terms.asp, 888-599-2720.

    Question: I did not receive a confirmation message. What happened?
    Answer: Check with your provider to see if text messaging has been enabled on your phone. You will need to be subscribed to a text messaging plan in order to receive or reply to text messages. You should also ask your mobile phone provider if your device accepts premium text messages.

    Question: I did not receive a confirmation message because my phone wasn’t text enabled. I have since contacted my mobile phone provider to enable it. Do I need another confirmation message sent?
    Answer: Log into the Hamline Alert/Blackboard Connect portal and make sure that your cell phone number is correct and that the ‘text’ box next to your cell phone number is also checked.

    Question: Why am I getting an email with the subject of "Updates to your Hamline University Portal Account" from noreply@blackboardconnect.com?  
    Answer:  Hamline University has an automated process that will periodically submit information stored in the university's Banner Administrative Database to Hamline Alert/Blackboard Connect. When information submitted is different from what is currently stored in the Hamline Alert/Blackboard Connect portal, the user will automatically be notified via email that information has changed and that it is necessary to log into the portal to verify these changes. 

    Question: If I change mobile phone providers but keep the same number, do I need to opt-in again?
    Answer: No. Once your phone number has been opted-in, it stays registered within the system.

    Question: How do I opt-out to receive text messages from Hamline Alerts/Blackboard Connect?
    Answer: While it is not advised that you opt out of these important weather and safety alerts, you can do so. When you receive the confirmation, text back with “STOP PORTAL” and your account code. The confirmation message will read the following:

    “You are now unsubscribed from receiving portal msgs. For more info, text reply HELP. To subscribe, visit your institution’s portal. Msg&data rates may apply.”

    Question: How do I opt-out if I no longer have the text message number or information in my phone.
    Answer: Please go to the Hamline Alert/Blackboard Connect portal to opt-in and update your contact information. If you haven’t previously created an account in the portal you will have to do so in order to log in. Instructions can be found on the Hamline website

    If you forgot your password, please click ‘Forgot your password?’

    Question: What if I previously opted-out and later decide I would like to opt-in again?
    Answer: You may request to begin receiving text messages by texting “SUBSCRIBE PORTAL" to 23177 or 63079.