Hamline Policies

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Owner: Safety and Security

Pertains to: All students, faculty, staff, and guests

Description: The following policies and procedures have been established to maximize the use of parking facilities for the entire university community and minimize the impact of university parking on our neighbors.


Safety and Security Services is responsible for overseeing the establishment of parking policies and procedures for all students, faculty, staff, and visitors. Because the university is located in a residential area, parking is a very important issue. Please be considerate of our neighbors. The following policies and procedures have been established to maximize the use of parking facilities for the entire university community and minimize the impact of university parking on our neighbors.

Safety and Security Services reserves the right to change and adapt this policy throughout the academic year in order to accommodate the changing parking needs of the Hamline community. Any parking policy changes will be communicated fully to the Hamline University community. Hamline University assumes no responsibility for any damage to or theft of vehicles or any property within those vehicles parked in university lots.

Two facts you need to know about Hamline Parking

  1. ALL students, faculty and staff must REGISTER their vehicle regardless of where they park (even a neighborhood street). Registration is FREE (See link below).

  2. You must BUY a permit to park in campus lots 8 - 8 p.m. Monday through Thursday and 8 - 4 p.m. Friday during the school year.

Daytime Parking (September-May)
During the school year, according to the undergraduate schedule, university lots require a Hamline parking permit to park Monday - Thursday 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. and Friday 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

PLEASE NOTE: Taylor Avenue, from Snelling to Pascal, and Simpson Avenue from Hewitt to Taylor are permit parking only.

"Reserved" permits are always required to park in reserved parking spots, and reserved parking is enforced twenty-four hours a day, 365 days a year.

Evening, Weekend and Summer Parking (May-August)
During the academic year according to the undergraduate schedule you may park in campus lots without a permit after 8 p.m. Monday - Thursday and after 4 p.m. Friday. You may also park without a permit on weekends and during the summer months.

EXCEPTION: The faculty-staff parking lot ALWAYS requires a faculty-staff permit, 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. Also, you must of course abide by other restrictions as noted: handicapped parking, reserved spaces and other signage.

Vehicle Registration
All Hamline students, faculty, and staff, parking in university lots or on area streets, ARE REQUIRED to register their vehicles online with Safety and Security Services for identification purposes. Vehicle registration is an important safety and security issue. In case of an emergency, vehicle registration allows security to easily identify vehicle owners in university parking lots and on area streets. Registration is necessary whether or not a parking permit is required. During the school year, university lots require a Hamline parking permit to park 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., Monday- Thursday and 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Friday. (See Hamline Apartment Parking for student apartment parking permits)

Important Note: Students must register or update their vehicle information each year for a permit. Faculty and staff must register or update vehicle information whenever appropriate to keep their vehicle registration current. Faculty and staff may register two vehicles to the same permit but only one vehicle can be parked at Hamline at a time.

Important Note: Vehicle registration does not grant permission to park in Hamline University parking lots. Please see Parking Permits for information regarding permits.

Register your vehicle online at www.hamline.edu/security.

Motor Scooters
Motor Scooters are not permitted to drive or park on Hamline sidewalks, walkways or grounds. Motor Scooters should park in designated areas only. The designated areas are: small parking area south of the Graduate Building and the southeast corner on Simpson at Hewitt.

Parking Permits
All faculty, staff, and students are eligible to purchase parking permits.

New permits are issued each school year and you must come in person to Safety and Security Services to pick up your permit.  This school year’s permits will be available to faculty and staff beginning early July. Permits will not be issued without current vehicle registration (See Vehicle Registration) and photo ID. Faculty and staff can choose to pay by tax-exempt payroll deduction. Faculty or staff who do not wish to use payroll deduction must go to the Cashier's Office, pay the permit fee in advance, and bring the paid receipt to the Safety and Security Office. Student payment is by a student account charge. Charges are applied when you receive your permit.

Permit parking will be enforced from the first week of classes through finals week of spring semester according to the Undergraduate Schedule. All other violations are enforced year-round.  All permits are the property of Hamline University and may not be transferred or re-sold. While parked on campus, parking permits must hang from your rear-view mirror, with the permit number facing outward.

Please note: A permit does not guarantee you a parking space.

If you will be driving a vehicle other than one listed on your permit, notify Safety and Security Services at 651-523-2100 before (or as soon as) you arrive at Hamline. You will be asked to provide the following information: your name and Hamline extension, your Hamline ID, permit number, license state, license number, make and color of vehicle being driven, and length of time the vehicle will be driven (one week, one day, etc.). If you change vehicles or your license plate changes, you must update your vehicle information on line.

Parking Permit Payment
Payment for parking permits will be billed to student accounts for students or payroll deduction for staff and faculty. Payment will not be billed until a permit has been issued. Each person purchasing a parking permit will have to go to Safety and Security Services to be issued a parking permit and to have their permit date-validated.  At this point billing for the permit will be made electronically either through student account or payroll deduction.

Faculty or staff who choose not to use payroll deduction to purchase their permits must go to the Cashier's Office and pay the permit fee in advance.  Then proceed to Safety and Security Services with the paid receipt for permit purchase and validation.

Note to staff and faculty:
Did you know that parking permit fees are a pre-taxed benefit? By electing payroll deduction, you can take advantage of this tax benefit.  You will have the option of paying for your parking permit as a one-time deduction or in monthly installments.  As long as you choose payroll deduction, the entire amount of the parking permit fee will be pre-taxed.  If you choose to pay for your parking permit at the Cashier's Office you do not receive any tax benefit.

First-Year Resident Student Special Needs Application Process
First-year resident students are generally not eligible for a parking permit. However, students who wish to apply for an exception to this policy must do so in writing.  The application form is available at Safety and Security Services, 128 Drew Hall or click here to download.  The special needs given consideration include safety concerns, medical reasons or extreme hardship.  Applications will be considered for approval by the Dean of Students, Director of Disability Services, and the Director of Safety and Security Services.  Applications for exemption can be made at any time.  If approved, the student will be eligible to purchase a parking permit.

Please note: A permit does not guarantee you a parking space.

If you will be driving a vehicle other than one listed on your permit, or your license plate number changes, notify the Office of Safety and Security at 651-523 2100 before (or as soon as) you arrive at Hamline.  You will be asked to provide the following information: your name and Hamline extension, your Hamline ID, permit number, license state, license number, make and color of vehicle being driven, and length of time the vehicle will be driven (one week, one day, etc.).  All lots are permit parking only. Taylor Avenue, from Snelling to Pascal, is a one-way street and permit parking only.  Simpson Avenue from Hewitt to Taylor is permit parking only.

Hamline Apartment Parking
Parking on the surface lot and underground garage will be enforced twenty-four hours a day.  Special parking permits will be issued for the surface lot and underground garage.  Garage spaces are numbered and assigned with a numbered permit accordingly.  Surface parking permits are not valid in the garage and vice versa. Apartment permits are not valid in other Hamline University lots.  Guests of the apartment-style residence hall may park in the apartment surface lot with a guest-parking permit obtained from the resident of the complex. 

Handicapped Parking Permits
Safety and Security Services does NOT issue handicap permits.  If you wish to obtain a handicap permit, please complete the application provided by the Minnesota Department of Public Safety, Driver and Vehicle Services Division located on the Web at www.dps.state.mn.us/dvs or contact Driver and Vehicle Services at 445 Minnesota Street, Suite 164, Saint Paul, MN 55101-5164.  You may also e-mail motor.vehicles@state.mn.us or call 651-296-6911. Vehicles parked illegally (without a MN state permit) in handicap spaces will be ticketed by Safety and Security Services and/or the City of Saint Paul Police Department.

Tickets, Fines, and Towing
Safety and Security Services will patrol all university property for the purpose of enforcing policies, providing general aid and assistance, and crime prevention.  Vehicles parked in violation of the parking policy may be ticketed and booted.

PLEASE NOTE: Unregistered vehicles belonging to Hamline faculty, students, or staff will be identified by a check of their state vehicle license plate number and charged for any ticketed amount.

Hamline University Parking Tickets
Parking tickets may be issued for, but are not limited to, any of the following violations:

  • No permit;
  • Failure to register vehicle;
  • Failure to display permit;
  • Expired/revoked/stolen permit;
  • Fraudulent permit/Plate not registered to vehicle;
  • Taking two parking spaces or parking over the yellow line;
  • Parking on grass/sidewalk;
  • Parking where signs prohibit/restrict;
  • Parking beyond the end of row;
  • Parking in an unmarked space;
  • Parking in a handicap space without authorizing permit;
  • Parking in a reserved parking space;
  • Parking in a fire lane;
  • Faculty, staff or student in visitor parking;
  • Visitor parking - visitor not signed in;
  • Blocking entrance/exit;
  • Loading zone;
  • Overnight parking, restricted area;
  • Wrong way on a one way;
  • Snow lot violation;
  • 15/30-minute violation.

Towing and Impound
A vehicle may be towed, at the owner's expense, when a third or subsequent violation has been issued within a school year, to that vehicle or person or permit to which a vehicle is registered.  If, after the vehicle has been released from impound and the vehicle is once more improperly parked at Hamline, it may be towed again at the owner's expense.  Towed vehicles can be retrieved from Rapid Recovery Inc., 14 East Acker Street, Saint Paul, MN 55117, 651-665-0022.  The cost for towing and impound is not controlled by Hamline University.  This cost is paid directly to the impound company, not Hamline University. The vehicle owner will be responsible for any towing and/or impound charges incurred.

Hamline University and Safety and Security Services reserve the right to tow or impound a vehicle based upon circumstances, regardless of the number of previous violations.  For example; vehicles may be towed immediately if improperly parked in reserved, handicap spaces or fire lanes.

The Saint Paul Police Department has jurisdiction over city streets, all fire lanes and handicap parking spaces, even if these spaces are located on private property.  Therefore, you may also receive a ticket from, or be towed by, the City of Saint Paul.

Hamline Parking Violation Appeals
Any ticket may be appealed by completing a parking appeal within seven days of the date the ticket was issued.  Appeals filed after seven days will not be accepted.  Parking appeal forms are available at Safety and Security Services or click here to download.

A Parking Appeals Committee will meet as needed to review appeals that have been submitted.  Decisions of the appeals committee are final. Notification of their decision will be sent via e-mail, Hamline mail, or U.S. mail.  All fines upheld by the appeals committee must be paid within ten days of the date of the letter of notification.  Tickets that are awaiting the decision of the Appeals Committee will not be counted as an offense for purposes of assessing fines for subsequent violations.

Faculty and Staff Parking (Central Plant Lot)
This lot is enforced twenty-four hours a day, 365 days a year. All students and non-permit faculty and staff will be subject to the ticketing and towing policy.

Visitor Parking
Visitor parking is located in the Anderson Center ramp.
There is also visitor parking in the Admissions House lot, 833 Snelling. Admissions visitor parking is enforced Monday-Saturday.  Visitors using these spaces must sign in their vehicle with the Undergraduate Admissions Office.

Reserved Parking The reserved parking spaces are enforced twenty-four hours a day, 365 days a year. A reserved parking permit is always required to park in reserved spots.

Loading Zones
Parking is not allowed in loading zones.  Loading or unloading in these areas is by permission only and limited to fifteen minutes.  You must call Safety and Security Services, 651-523-2100, in advance, for permission to use loading zones.

Overnight Parking
Overnight parking is available only in designated areas at the north end of the Drew lot and the south end of the Heights Lot.  A vehicle is considered as parking overnight if it is parked in a university lot at 3 a.m. Students, with or without parking permits, are strongly encouraged not to park on residential streets overnight. Overnight parking in any area of the Hamline United Methodist Church lot from midnight to 6 a.m. Monday through Friday is prohibited.  Parking in the Hamline church lot is prohibited twenty-four hours a day on Saturday and Sunday, and may result in a ticket and/or towing.

Permits are not required for overnight parking.  However, special rules apply for overnight parking during the winter. See Winter/Snow Parking Plan for winter parking restrictions.

Permits During Holidays, Breaks, and Winter Term
If you would like to leave a vehicle at Hamline during a break, there are very limited spaces, which are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.  If space is available, permits holders may leave their vehicle at Hamline by completing an authorization form at Safety and Security Services in 128 Drew Hall. Vehicles may be parked only in the area(s) assigned to the vehicle. Safety and Security Services will not keep car keys.  No vehicles will be allowed to stay beyond the break for which they are registered, as there are not provisions for long-term storage at Hamline.

Winter/Snow Parking Plan
After a snowfall and when snow is present on lots; to facilitate snow removal efforts, there will be NO PARKING in the following lots on the days indicated, from 11 p.m. until 7 a.m. the next morning.

  • Apartment Surface Lot: Tuesday and Friday
  • Drew Lot: Sunday, Wednesday and Friday
  • Faculty and Staff Lot (Central Plant Lot): Monday, Thursday and Saturday
  • Heights Lots: Monday, Thursday and Saturday
  • Facilities Services Lot: Tuesday and Friday
  • Taylor Avenue: Tuesday and Saturday
  • Vehicles in violation in these lots may be ticketed and towed. The ticket cost is $30.

City of Saint Paul Parking Restrictions
All Hamline University students, faculty, and staff need to be aware of pertinent parking regulations issued from the City of Saint Paul.  Hewitt Avenue, Englewood Avenue, and Pascal Avenue are all city streets and are enforced by the City of Saint Paul parking enforcement officers.  We work closely with our neighbors who live on the streets around the university to ensure that our students, faculty, and staff are aware of the city’s parking regulations.  Tickets and towing may occur if vehicles are parked in violation of city regulations.

Following is a list of the most common Saint Paul parking regulations:

  • No parking for more than forty-eight hours in the same location on city streets;
  • No parking in a no overnight parking zone (2 a.m.-6 a.m.);
  • No parking in a restricted parking area;
  • No parking within 10’ of a fire hydrant;
  • No parking within 5’ of a driveway or alley;
  • No parking within 20’ of a crosswalk at intersection;
  • No parking within 30’ of approach to stop, yield sign, or signal;
  • No parking on a sidewalk;
  • No parking on a boulevard;
  • No parking over a curb. 

City of Saint Paul Snow Emergencies
Snow emergencies may be declared by the City of Saint Paul. Please call 651-266-PLOW (7569) if you are unsure where to park.  If you are parked on a city street during the snow emergency, your vehicle may be subject to ticketing and towing.  All vehicles tagged and towed in a snow emergency are taken to the police department’s impound lot located on Como Avenue, two blocks west of Snelling Avenue, across the street from the State Fairgrounds.