• New First-year Student Class Registration

    Students entering Hamline University as first-year students may register at the summer orientation program, Summer Orientation and Registration (SOAR). The Center for Academic Success and Achievement (CASA) recommends that you begin by reviewing the Orientation Information and Registration Guide, which was included in the registration packet sent to all new first-year students (also available for download on the Student Resources page). 

    All new students are required to take a first-year seminar (FSEM 1010 or 1020). The instructor serves as your academic advisor, and all students in the class are also first-year students. First-year seminar course titles and descriptions are available on the Student Resources page which provides helpful resources with which you should familiarize yourself. At SOAR, there will be faculty advisors and professional advisors to assist you in selecting your classes and answering your questions.

    Welcome to Hamline!