• Environmental Studies Faculty

    Learn more about the experienced faculty who teach classes in Hamline's Environmental Studies program. These Faculty Profiles provide background on faculty and their teaching style, contact information, office hours, course listings, and other relevant information.


  • Kate Bjork 3
    Kate Bjork

    Professor; Department Chair

    Paul Bogard Thumb
    Paul Bogard

    Associate Professor - English; Program Director

    Portrait place holder
    Patty Born Selly

    Assistant Professor

    Cadieux Thumbnail
    Valentine Cadieux

    Associate Professor - Anthropology

    Jen England

    Assistant Professor

    Leif Hembre Bio
    Leif Hembre

    Professor, Biology

    Catheryn Jennings Thumbnail
    Catheryn Jennings

    Assistant Professor - English

    Bonnie Ploger


    Mike Reynolds Thumbnail
    Mike Reynolds

    Professor - English; Department Chair; Program Director

    David Schultz
    David Schultz

    Distinguished University Professor of Political Science and Legal Studies

    Portrait place holder
    David Tennessen

    Visiting Lecturer/Principal Investigator Anthropology