• Program Objectives

    The double major prepares students to understand the legal and social situations of women and children. Students pursuing the double major develop both legal and cultural awareness, as well as the confidence and ability to identify and challenge systems of inequality that limit the freedom and potential of all people. As a result, graduates and certificate recipients from the double major in legal studies and women’s studies will be able to:

    • Explore the impact of gender, sexuality, race, class, and ability on women’s experience in public and private realms;
    • Evaluate legal issues and develop awareness of cultural diversity and the process of social transformation;
    • Produce reasoned legal analysis;
    • Demonstrate writing and speaking skills necessary to communicate in professional and academic legal settings;
    • Demonstrate mastery of legal research and citation using print and on-line tools;
    • Demonstrate knowledge of technology relevant to the legal profession;
    • Fulfill legal and general ethical obligations in academic and professional settings.