• Forensic Science Certificate for Hamline Degree-Seeking Students

    The Forensic Science Certificate prepares biochemistry, biology, and chemistry majors to work in forensic science laboratories, and anthropology majors for graduate study leading to a career in forensic anthropology. 

    Certificate Requirements

    The forensic science core:

    Statistics, choose 1:

    Forensic science electives, choose 3:

    • CJFS 3985 - Special Topics in Forensic Science

    Additional requirements for working in a DNA laboratory:

    To qualify for employment in the DNA section of a forensic science laboratory students must complete the following courses or their equivalents.

    Choose a concentration:

    Natural science concentration

    The natural science concentration requires a major in biochemistry, biology, or chemistry.

    Anthropology concentration

    (Note: CHEM 1500 - Advanced General Chemistry (with Lab) may be taken in place of CHEM 1130 and 1140)