Financial Aid Forms

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Looking for financial aid forms? This is where you’ll find them. We’ve categorized all forms, applications, and worksheets into the following categories: general forms, loan forms, verification forms, and grant forms (including entrance and exit counseling). If you’re not sure what you have to download or you need further assistance, reach out to us at

Be sure to choose the correct forms based on the academic year: 

  • 2024-25 forms are for courses between fall 2024 and summer 2025
  • 2023-24 forms are for courses between fall 2023 and summer 2024

Determine your enrollment status

Program types Enrollment status Credit requirement
Undergraduate, post-baccalaureate, online bachelor’s, teaching licensure Half-time At least 6 credits per semester
Full-time At least 12 credits per semester
Full-time (for state grants) At least 15 credits per semester for full reward
Master’s, doctorate, graduate certificates Half-time At least 4 credits per semester
Full-time At least 8 credits per semester

General forms

General forms are related to academic planning and progress. Please select from the forms below.

Loan forms

If you're planning to apply for a loan, read our loan application instructions.

Verification forms

After submitting your FAFSA, you may be selected for financial aid verification. The forms below are relevant only for selected students. Get more information about the verification process if you’re not sure where to start.