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Master of Arts in Teaching l Teaching License

Graduate teaching license program

If you want to help students become agents of change to create a brighter future, Hamline is the place for you. Our Master of Arts in Teaching and Initial License program will introduce you to a profession that builds sustainable, innovative, and resilient classrooms, schools, and communities.

When you pursue your initial teaching license at Hamline, you will:

  • Collaborate with peers, teacher-mentors, and community partners to create nurturing classrooms, equitable schools, and sustainable communities
  • Create empowering learning environments with a focus on literacy, equity, and cultural and linguistic diversity
  • Arrive at your first day of teaching equipped with professional knowledge, tools of practice, and a rich understanding of systems that affect the education community

Master's Degree with teaching license program details

Find the perfect balance between work and school With Hamline’s graduate-level initial licensure program, you can take evening classes and will only have daytime obligations when you enroll in field experiences and student teaching
Get started sooner You can apply and begin the program any term, including summer term
Finish faster Many students finish their initial licensure in 18 months with a summer term start date in June. If you begin in fall or spring terms, you can complete your coursework for the initial licensure in around two years

At Hamline, I had the opportunity to watch some really amazing teachers work. I learned that teaching isn't a 'one size fits all' profession; you can be exactly who you are and bring that into the classroom."

Carlos Stewart testimonial

I’d been going back and forth about getting my teaching license for English for years and years. Hamline was so helpful when I was talking about my credits and seeing what would transfer. They laid out a whole plan for me for how long it would take—I could do it in 18 months. The classes were all at night, so I didn't have to quit my job. The convenience of everything was really what I needed."

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