Transferring Credits to Hamline

Transfer articulation guides

Learn about which courses and tests can transfer to Hamline on our Transfer Articulation Guidelines page.

Transfer evaluation system

See how your credits will transfer to Hamline from schools across the country on Hamline's Transfer Evaluation System page.

Minnesota State Transfer Curriculum

Understand how the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities Transfer Curriculum works with the Hamline Plan.

Transfer pathways for Minnesota State Community College Students

The Transfer Pathways program provides guidance for students who start their college careers at other institutions and wish to transfer to Hamline to complete their degrees. By completing pre-approved coursework at your current school, you can guarantee that your credits will meet Hamline’s general education requirements and/or count toward a specific Hamline degree.

Transferring high school credit

Learn how you can reduce your college costs on our transferring high school credits to Hamline page

Transfer policies and procedures

Visit the Hamline Academic Bulletin for detailed information about transfer credit policies.